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February 2013

Cover Story

7 Financial mistakes to avoid
We'll show you how to steer clear of the mistakes or change course

Special Section

The 13 best weight-loss programs
9,000 readers rate 13 diet plans and tools


Knowing Which Products are Truly Made in America
How to know which flag-waving products are true red, white, and blue


2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport review
This midsized SUV was redesigned for 2013

Up Front

Have some oranges with that liquid
Cans we opened held about 57% of the label’s claimed weight in solids

CR Health

Red-carpet medical care, for a fee
It's unclear whether keeping a doctor on retainer translates into better health for patients—and the concept raises thorny ethical questions

CR Money

How to claim an unclaimed life-insurance policy
The average unclaimed life benefit is $2,000


How safe are flame retardants?

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