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March 2013
March 2013

Cover Story

The cancer tests you need and those you don't
As our understanding of cancer changes, doctors and patients are learning that screening tests can sometimes do more harm than good


Microwafe and Appliance Safety
When do wayward ovens warrant a recall?

Lab Tests

Best interior paints
Find a finish that looks good and lasts


2013 Ford Fusion review
The redesigned Fusion is fun and stylish, but the devil is in the details
2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid review
This appealing hatchback packs a lot of room within its compact size
When it comes to electric cars, Ford shows Mitsubishi how it’s done
Reviews of the Ford Focus Electric and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Up Front

Best beef jerky and meat sticks
Cured meat snacks can be a quick protein pick-me-up
Nutrition differs widely among bread spreads
Taste quality also separates flavored toppings
Making sense of money advisers
A guide to professionals and services for your financial needs
Too much of a good thing?
The risk of eating nutrient-enhanced foods
K-cup alternatives will save you money
Also, you can use your own coffee and tailor it to your taste
What Does California's Cancer Warning Mean?
The state requires manufacturers to label products that contain certain chemicals
Expired food products stay on shelves
Except on infant formula, dates on foods aren't generally required

CR Money

Three keys to a great retirement
If you're in or nearing retirement you have a bit of news to cheer


This page highlights efforts of Consumers Union to improve the marketplace
From our president: If truth be told

Selling It
A monthly selection of goofs, glitches, and gotchas

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