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May 2013
May 2013


101 secrets from our experts
The insider’s guide to practically everything
Save a bundle on telecom services
84,000 readers help you choose and save on TV, Internet, home phone, and now cell phone, too
What you need to know about warranty laws
You have more rights than you might think
Innerspring and memory foam mattress reviews
Our performance tests cover innerspring and memory-foam models

Lab Tests

Most Vitamin D Supplements Measure Up, Our Tests Find
But prices can vary a lot, so choose by cost and pill type


Cadillac ATS review
A joy to drive, this compact sports sedan can be hard to live with
BMW X1 review
This SUV is focused on fun instead of practicality
Honda Civic vs. Nissan Sentra
With a quick update, the Civic wins back its recommendation
Nissan Pathfinder review
This new model is competent but uninspiring
Affordable hands-free calling
We check out the pros and cons of add-on Bluetooth kits
How to avoid motorcycle problems
Japanese bikes have fewer problems than BMW and Harley models

Up Front

Cracker taste-off: We compared 30 kinds of crackers
Some crackers we tested are healthy—and taste good, too
How accurate are chain restaurant calorie counts?
Some of the dishes we tested didn't tell the truth
Claim check: Edge of Glory knife sharpener
How sharp is this device?
Hospitals and teaching hospitals safety ratings
Our updated Ratings show most hospitals need to improve
Can these quirky cleaners mop up the competition?
Plus, reviews of Groutinator and The Grout Bully
Relaxation drinks review
Our tests of iChill, Relax Drank, Dream Water, and other products suggest that many don't contain all that they claim

CR Health

Same generic drug, many prices
We found big price differences at drug stores on the generic versions of Lipitor, Plavix, and other common drugs


Consumers Union's efforts to improve the marketplace
How to beat travel fees big and small
Major U.S. airlines made $2.6 billion in baggage fees in the first three quarters of 2012
Polymer balls raise alarm
These superabsorbent materials are increasingly prevalent in toys and household products
From our president: Dead first

Selling It
A monthly selection of goofs, glitches, and gotchas

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