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Claim check: Fenugreen FreshPaper

Does this paper make your produce last longer?

Consumer Reports magazine: June 2013

The claim. One sheet of this biodegradable paper “keeps fruits and veggies fresh 2-4x longer, naturally! It’s like a dryer sheet for produce!” The paper’s maker, Fenugreen, suggests that the product can help stem a worldwide waste of food. A pack of eight sheets costs $5.95.

The check. We placed separate batches of strawberries and blueberries into the plastic containers in which they were sold and into airtight Snapware. Then we added FreshPaper to one of each test sample and not the other, and placed the papered and nonpapered fruits in separate refrigerators. We also left strawberries out on a counter in their original container, with and without FreshPaper. (Don’t try this at home: Berries should be stored at 40° F or below.) Then we waited.

Bottom line. Reusable airtight containers seem like a better way to save the world. FreshPaper helped in only one of our scenarios: Used with strawberries stored in their original containers and placed in the fridge, it staved off mold for at least two weeks, by which point those without FreshPaper had grown fuzzy. The countertop strawberries were quickly fuzzy whether they had FreshPaper or not; the airtight-container fruits were inedible (though mold-free) either way after three weeks.

Fenugreen claims the product contains no major allergens, but it does include fenugreek, a legume that is like a peanut and can have similar allergens, according to a recent study. People with peanut allergies may need to think twice about eating products touched by FreshPaper

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