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September 2013
September 2013

Cover Story

How to grow your savings
Stop 401(k) fees from cheating you out of retirement money


Your safer-surgery survival guide
Our Ratings of 2,463 U.S. hospitals can help you find the right one
How to save money on prescription drugs
Even with insurance, you might be paying too much


Chevrolet Impala Review
Redesigned for 2014, this model is now our highest-scoring sedan

Up Front

Is the latest product packaging new and improved?
Packages are getting smarter, though your wallet might take a hit
Best frozen pizza
We tested more than 20 individual-size frozen cheese, pepperoni, and chicken pizzas to find the best tasting options

CR Health

7 Tips to boost your energy
Get an instant lift with these simple strategies—no caffeine required

CR Money

Should you report that fender-bender?
The effect on your insurance premium depends on numerous factors


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