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November 2014

Cover Story

How American consumers shop now
After seven years of cutting back, consumers are finally opening their wallets again. But the recession changed this country’s buying habits—big-time.


Best & Worst of 2014
Highlights and lowlights of the year
Why is health care so expensive?
Why it’s so high, how it affects your wallet—and yes, what you can do about it


Best sporty compact cars blend excitement and civility
Big fun in small packages
Noteworthy 'secret warranty' repair programs
Is your car on the list?
How one driver saved $8,000 on emissions repair
Tough emissions rules mean warranty protection for consumers

Up Front

Can your frequent flyer miles really get you to where you want to go?
Some reward points programs soar and some leave you grounded


Q&A With GM's CEO, Mary Barra
The automaker's chief says the company 'will act quickly' to address safety issues
Are detachable computers the best of both worlds?
Laptops are workhorses; tablets are lightweight and fun. New detachable computers promise it all.
From our president: Let’s start the conversation
Selling it
Goofs, glitches, and gotchas spotted by our readers

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