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August 2017
August 2017

Cover Story

Is Now the Time to Get Rid of Cable TV?
CR's latest telecom survey shows that people still don't like big cable companies. For TV viewing, you have lots of alternatives.
The Battle for Net Neutrality: Who Should Control Your Access to Content?
The outcome will determine whether your internet provider can play favorites with websites and online traffic
TV Antennas Make a Comeback
What’s not to like about free TV? And it's going to get even better soon.

6 Ways to Watch HBO
The premium cable network is a harbinger of new ways to watch TV
Are City-Owned Municipal Broadband Networks Better?
Some of the best-loved Internet providers are owned and run by local governments—but they face opposition
How Much Broadband Speed Do You Need?
If you plan to stream more entertainment, you'll need to make sure your internet connection can handle it
Internet Privacy Policies: Who Has a Right to Your Data?
Consumers say they want more power over how their browsing information is collected and used
New, Cheaper Ways to Watch TV
Thanks to a growing number of streaming services, consumers now have unprecedented TV-watching options
The Many Ways to Watch Television
You now have dozens of options, from antennas to new streaming services
Video Streaming Services That Will Let You Cut Cable TV
These online TV services are designed to replicate a traditional cable TV package, at a lower cost

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