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Black Friday: Tools & Power Equipment

Consumer Reports News: November 20, 2007 03:22 PM

Tools & Power Equipment
Check our extensive coverage of tools and power equipment for buying advice and Ratings.

10-inch Table Saw With Mobile Stand, $99, Lowe’s
13-Watt Fluorescent Worklight, 40% off, Sears
16-inch & 19-inch Two Tool Bag Combo, $20, Lowe’s
18-volt Black & Decker 4-Piece Cordless Combo Kit, $40, Lowe’s
18-volt FSX-treme Battery, $15, Lowe’s
2-Piece Compressor and Nailer/Stapler, $49, Lowe’s
39-Piece Tool Set, $10, Lowe’s
41-inch 20-Drawer Stainless-Steel Tool Storage Tower, $798, Lowe’s
44-Piece Triangle Auto Safety Kit, $10, Sears
4-Piece Multi Purpose Tool Set, $10, Lowe’s
4-Piece Saw Set, $10, Lowe’s
63-Piece Drill/Driver Set, $10, Lowe’s
6-Piece 19.2-volt Combo Kit, $140, Sears
Accutire Digital Air Pressure Gauge, $7, Sears
71-Piece Screwdriver Set, $10, Lowe’s
7-Piece Level Set, $10 -Lowe’s
8-Piece Pliers and Wrench Set, $10, Lowe’s
Ace Hardware 8-Piece Toy Tool Kit With Case, $5, Ace Hardware
Black & Decker 10-Piece Drill Bit Set, $4, Lowe’s
Black & Decker 10-Piece Nutdriving Set, $4, Lowe’s
Black & Decker 10-Piece Screwdriving Set, $4, Lowe’s
Black & Decker 120-Piece Drill Bit Set With Case, $10, Ace Hardware
Black & Decker 36-inch Gecko Grip Level, $25, Lowe’s
Black & Decker 3-in-1 Level With Gecko Grip, $25, Lowe’s
Black & Decker Adjustable Auto Wrench, $30, Lowe’s
Black & Decker Air Station Inflator, $40, Lowe’s
Black & Decker Corded 3/8-inch Drill, $10, Ace Hardware
Black & Decker Corded Variable Speed Jigsaw, $10, Ace Hardware
Black & Decker Cordless Drill, $39, Target
Black & Decker Cordless Power Scissors, $1, Lowe’s
Black & Decker Powered Handsaw, $30, Lowe’s
Black & Decker Tool Kit, $59, Target
Black & Decker Workmate X-Frame Workbench, $15, Ace Hardware
Bostitch 3-Piece Tool/Compressor Kit, $259, Lowe’s
Campbell Hausfeld 3-Piece pneumatic nailer set, $179, Lowe’s
CLC Softsided Took Box With Shoulder Strap, $20, Ace Hardware
Compact Digital Photo Keychain, $17, Sears
Craftsman 1,500-pound Motorcycle Jack, $60, Sears
Craftsman 1,800-psi Max Pressure Washer, $140, Sears
Craftsman 1/2-inch Drill, $50, Sears
Craftsman 1/2-inch Hammer Drill, $70, Sears
Craftsman 1/2-inch Impact Wrench or Socket Set, $45, Sears
Craftsman 1/2-inch9-Piece or 5-Piece Large Socket Set, $20, Sears
Craftsman 1000 Watt Quartz Halogen Work Light With Tripod, $20, Sears
Craftsman 104-Piece Mechanics Tool Set + Free 8-Piece Wrench Set, $49, Sears
Craftsman 10-Drawer 80th Anniversary Ball-Bearing Storage Combo 6-Draw Chest + 4-Draw Cabinet, $300, Sears
Craftsman 10-Drawer Ball Bearings Chest + Free 3-Draw Chest, $400, Sears
Craftsman 10-inch AC Laser Sliding Compound Miter Saw, $190, Sears
Craftsman 1-0-inch Multi-Function Digital Level, $35, Sears
Craftsman 10-inchCompound Miter Saw w/AC Laser Trac Cutting Guide and 15-amp Motor, $85, Sears
Craftsman 10-inchTable Saw w/Rapid Retract Stand, $150, Sears
Craftsman 10-inchTable Saw w/Stand 13-amp Ball Bearing Motor, $85, Sears
Craftsman 10-Piece 3/8-inch Socket Wrench Set, $10, Sears
Craftsman 117-Piece Mechanics Tool Set, $80, Sears
Craftsman 11-Piece Screwdriver Set With Case, $10, Sears
Craftsman 12-Drawer Chest + Free 3-Draw Chest, $200, Sears
Craftsman 12-Piece 6-PT Combination Wrench Set, $30, Sears
Craftsman 12-Piece Nut Driver Set, $20, Sears
Craftsman 13-amp Circular Saw, $50, Sears
Craftsman 13-Drawer Quiet Glide Chest + Free 3-Draw Chest, $300, Sears
Craftsman 13-Piece Spade Bit, $10, Sears
Craftsman 13W Fluorescent Work Light, $12, Kmart
Craftsman 14-amp 7.25-inch Circular Saw w/Later Trac Cutting Edge, $80, Sears
Craftsman 154-Piece Mechanics Tool Set, $100, Sears
Craftsman 16-inch Gas Chain Saw, $120, Sears
Craftsman 17-inch 10-Pocket Tool Bag, $10, Sears
Craftsman 18-Piece Screwdriver Set, $20, Sears
Craftsman 19.2-volt 2-Drill Kit Includes Variable speed 1/2-inch Drill/Driver With 3/8-inch Right Angle Drill, $100, Sears
Craftsman 19.2-volt 4-tool Kit, $160, Sears
Craftsman 19.2-volt Cordless Drill + 25-Piece Bit Set + Battery Charger + Bag, $40, Sears
Craftsman 19.2-volt Drill With 25-Piece Bit Set, $40, Kmart
Craftsman 200-mph Electric Blower/Vac/Hedge Trimmer, $30, Sears
Craftsman 20-foot Cord Reel Worklight, 40% off, Sears
Craftsman 20-foot Cord-Reel Work Light, $12, Kmart
Craftsman 20-inch Hand Box, $10, Kmart
Craftsman 20-inch Wide Plastic Hand Box, $10, Sears
Craftsman 21-Piece Drill and Screwdriver Bit Set, $10, Sears
Craftsman 25-foot Tape Measure, $7, Sears
Craftsman 26-Piece Combination Wrench Set, $50, Sears
Craftsman 26-Piece Screwdriver Set, $30, Sears
Craftsman 2-Drawer Deluxe Mechanics Cart, $180, Sears
Craftsman 2-gallon 1-hp Horizontal Compressor, $80, Sears
Craftsman 2-ton Compact Jack With Blow Mold Case, $20, Sears
Craftsman 3.9-amp Sabre Saw or 3/8-inch Corded Drill, $30, Kmart
Craftsman 3/4-hp Chain Drive Garage Door Opener w/Two Remotes, $170, Sears
Craftsman 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch Microtork Torque Wrench, $40, Sears
Craftsman 30-Piece Drill and Drive Set, $10, Sears
Craftsman 33-gallon 150-psi Max Compressor + Free 10-Piece Air Tool Kit, $290, Sears
Craftsman 348-Piece Mechanics Tool Set, $350, Sears
Craftsman 36-inch Metal Frame Creeper, $25, Sears
Craftsman 3-Drawer Portable Chest, $25, Sears
Craftsman 3-Drawer Workbench and Back Wall, $180, Sears
Craftsman 3-gallon 125-psi Max Compressor, $80, Sears
Craftsman 3-Piece Adjustable Wrench Set, $25, Sears
Craftsman 3-Piece Mini Pliers Set, $10, Sears
Craftsman 3-Piece Pliers Set, $10, Sears
Craftsman 3-Piece Pliers Set, $20, Sears
Craftsman 3-Piece Pry Bar Set. 12, 17- and 25-inch sizes, $20, Sears
Craftsman 3-ton Floor Jack With 3-Ton Jack Stands and 36-inch Creeper, $100, Sears
Craftsman 3X18-inchBelt Sander, $60, Sears
Craftsman 4-Drawer Ball Bearings Cabinet + Free 3-Draw Chest, $250, Sears
Craftsman 4-Piece Tool Set, $20, Sears
Craftsman 53-Piece Mechanics Tool Set, $30, Sears
Craftsman 53-Piece Tool Set, $40, Kmart
Craftsman 540-Piece Mechanics Tool Set, $1,000, Sears
Craftsman 5-Drawer Cabinet + Free 3-Draw Chest, $120, Sears
Craftsman 5-Drawer Quiet Glide Cabinet + Free 3-Draw Chest, $180, Sears
Craftsman 5-Drawer Tool Center With Nostalgic Logo, $80, Kmart
Craftsman 5-gallon 1-hp With Removable Dolly Dual Air Ports, $140, Sears
Craftsman 5-Piece Bolt Out Set, $10, Sears
Craftsman 6-Drawer Ball Bearings Chest + Free 3-Draw Chest, $150, Sears
Craftsman 6-Piece 3/8 IN Drive Hex Bit Socket Set, $20, Sears
Craftsman 7-Drawer Chest + Free 3-Draw Chest, $100, Sears
Craftsman 7-Piece Blue Titanium Finished Socket Wrench Set, $70, Sears
Craftsman 7-Piece Cross-Force Reversible Ratcheting Wrench Set, $100, Sears
Craftsman 7-Piece Through Handle Hex Key Set, $17, Sears
Craftsman 8 Function 20 Range Digital Multimeter, $10, Sears
Craftsman 80th Anniversary 5-Drawer Tool Center Chest + Riser and Roll-Away, $80, Sears
Craftsman 80th Anniversary Edition 17-gallon Compressor and free 9-Piece Accessory Kit, $199, Sears
Craftsman 80th Anniversary Lock Back Knife Set, $10, Sears
Craftsman 8-Drawer Quiet Glide Chest + Free 3-Draw Chest, $150, Sears
Craftsman 8-Piece Combination Wrench Set, $10, Sears
Craftsman 8-Piece Heavy-Duty Ratcheting Wrench Set, $50, Sears
Craftsman 8-Piece Screwdriver Set, $10, Kmart
Craftsman 8-Piece Screwdriver Set, $10, Sears
Craftsman 9-Drawer Chest Homeowners Combo 5-Drawer Chest + 4-Drawer Cabinet, $150, Sears
Craftsman Accutrac Laser Measuring Tool, $90, Sears
Craftsman AXS 13-Drawer Chest and Cabinet Storage Combo 6-Drawer Chest + 7-Drawer Cabinet, $1,000, Sears
Craftsman Barrel-Grip Laser Jig Saw, $80, Sears
Craftsman Compressor w/Brad/Finish/Stapler Combo Kit, $290, Sears
Craftsman Digital Multimeter, $20, Sears
Craftsman Digital Torpedo Level, $17, Sears
Craftsman Diehard 19.2-volt Battery, $20, Sears
Craftsman Drill Doctor 350 Sharpener, $50, Sears
Craftsman Floor Cabinet With Shelves, $240, Sears
Craftsman Gas Blower/Vac, $90, Sears
Craftsman Handheld 35-LED Worklight, $15, Sears
Craftsman High Top Table, $50, Sears
Craftsman High-Performance Ultra Touch Gloves, $8–$12, Sears
Craftsman Hydraulic Chair, $40, Sears
Craftsman Infrared Thermometer, $60, Sears
Craftsman Lighted Magnet Pick-Up Tool, $7, Sears
Craftsman Lock Back Utility Knife, $9, Sears
Craftsman Low Profile Sander, $70, Sears
Craftsman Magnetic Steel Tray, $7, Sears
Craftsman Mechanics Gloves, $10, Sears
Craftsman One Handed 12-inch Bar Clamp, $10, Sears
Craftsman Professional 3-Piece Locking Pliers Set, $18, Sears
Craftsman Professional 4-Ton High Lift/Low Profile Floor Jack, $130, Sears
Craftsman Professional Cooler, $25, Sears
Craftsman Screw-Out Damaged Screw Remover, $10, Sears
Craftsman Shop Clock, $10, Sears
Craftsman Speed Lock 16-Piece Set, $10, Sears
Craftsman Stud Finder, $8, Sears
Crescent 211-Piece Mechanics Tool Set, $80, Costco
DeWalt 110-Piece Contractor Set, $60, Home Depot
DeWalt 18-volt 3-Piece Compact Combo Kit, $199, Home Depot
DeWalt 18-volt Compact Drill / Driver Kit, $97, Home Depot
DeWalt 18-volt Cordless Drill/Driver Set, $99, Lowe’s
DeWalt 42-Piece Drilling and Driving Set, $10, Home Depot
DeWalt 7-1/4-inch Circular Saw, $60, Ace Hardware
DeWalt 9.6-volt Cordless Drill Kit With 2 Batteries, $60, Ace Hardware
DeWalt Orbital Jig Saw With Storage Bag, $60, Ace Hardware
Dorcy 3AAA 19 LED Aluminum Flashlight, $10, Sears
Dremel 10.8-volt Cordless Lithium Ion Rotary Tool, $50, Lowe’s
Durabuilt Tool Kit, $19, Target
Electric 1,300-psi Pressure Washer, $59, Home Depot
GearWrench 10-Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set, $30, Sears
Groove 'N Go Band Wagon, $17, Kmart
Husky 170-Piece Mechanic's Tool Set, $60, Home Depot
Husky 2-Gallon Mini Air Compressor Kit, $59, Home Depot
Husky 9-LED Aluminum Flashlight 3-Pack Combo, $5, Home Depot
Husky Lithium Ion Palm Driver Tool Kit, $50, Home Depot
Husky Multi-Wrench & Multi-Pliers Set, $10, Home Depot
Husky Quiet Series 30-Gallon Portable Compressor With Took Kit, $299, Home Depot
Irwin 10-inch Circular Saw Blades 3-pk, $20, Lowe’s
Kobalt 22-Piece Drill/Driver Set, $29, Lowe’s
Kobalt 22-Piece Tool Set, $30, Lowe’s
Kobalt 3-Drawer Ball-Bearing Tool Chest, $89, Lowe’s
Kobalt 3-Piece Crescent Wrench Set, $13, Lowe’s
Kobalt 40-Piece SAE/Metric Socket Set, $40, Lowe’s
Maglite 2D Flashlight, $10, Lowe’s
Maglite 3D Flashlight, $10, Lowe’s
Maglite 4D Flashlight, $10, Lowe’s
10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw With Laser, $59, Lowe’s
Makita 5/8-inch Hammer Drill With Free Grinder, $99, Home Depot
Mouse Sander Kit, $30, Kmart
Porter Cable 2-1/2-inch Finish & 1-1/4-inch Brad Nailer & Compressor, $199, Home Depot
Poulan 40cc 18-inch Chainsaw With Carrying Case, $99, Home Depot
Power Glide 3.6-volt Cordless Screwdriver FREE Power Glide 8-1/4-inch Compound Miter Saw With Laser Guide, $50, Ace Hardware
Power Glide 8-inch Drill Press With Laser Guide, $50, Ace Hardware
Ridgid 2-1/2-inch Straight Finish Nailer, $129, Home Depot
Ridgid 9-amp Reciprocating Saw, $59, Home Depot
Ridgid Heavy-Duty 10-inch Portable Table Saw With Stand, $299, Home Depot
Ryobi 110-Piece Drilling & Driving Accessory Kit, $15 Ryobi 12-volt Cordless Drill, $20, Home Depot
Ryobi 12-volt Lithium Ion Drill Kit, $79, Home Depot
Ryobi 6-inch Grinder With Work Light, $20, Home Depot
Ryobi One 18-volt 4-Piece Combo Kit, $59, Home Depot
Ryobi One Lithium Ion 4-Piece Combo Kit, $259, Home Depot
Senco 3-tool Pneumatic Finish Kit, $199, Home Depot
Shur-Line 5-Piece Teflon Paint Tray Set, $8, Lowe’s
Skil 10.8-volt Cordless Drill/Driver, $30, Costco
Skil 7.2-volt Lithium Ion Power Wrench 50, Home Depot
Skil 7-1/4-inch Circular Saw With Utility Blade, $29, Home Depot
Skil Finishing Palm Sander, $30, Lowe’s
Snap-on Anodized Aluminum Flashlight, $10, Ace Hardware
Softside 20-inch Tool Bag, $10, Home Depot
Stanley 10-Piece Screwdriver Set, $2, Ace Hardware
Stanley 25-inch Top Read Aluminum Level, $2, Ace Hardware
Stanley 3-Piece Wood Chisel Set, $2, Ace Hardware
Stanley 5-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest, $50, Wal-Mart
Stanley InstantCharge Utility Knife, $2, Ace Hardware
Stanley LeverLock Tape Rule, $2, Ace Hardware
Stanley Rollaway Tool Box, $79, Target
Stanley Steel Longtape Tape Measure, $2, Ace Hardware
Stanley Tripod Flashlight, $12, Lowe’s
Stanley Wonder Bar Pry Bar, $2, Ace Hardware
Strait-Line Laser Level, $5, Ace Hardware
Toolrich 18-Piece Combination Wrench Set, $10, Ace Hardware
Toolrich 8-Piece Pliers & Wrench Set, $10, Ace Hardware
Workforce 10-inch Miter Saw With 12 amp Motor, $59, Home Depot
Workforce 19-inch Heavy-Duty Toolbox, $5, Home Depot
Workforce 3-Pack Tape Measures, $5, Home Depot
Workforce 50-Piece Screwdriver Set, $10, Home Depot
Workforce 5-Drawer Chest/Cabinet, $59, Home Depot
Workforce Tool Tote With Fixed Handle, $10, Home Depot

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