Q&A: Blender vs. juicer for your vegetables?

Consumer Reports News: March 04, 2010 09:56 AM

I prefer to use a juicer and drink my vegetables. But I’ve heard that I’m throwing out nutrients with the pulp. Would it be healthier to blend some veggies and tomato juice together, and drink the slush, pulp and all? —L.K., Fort Lee, N.J.

Yes, though you might want to choose low-sodium tomato juice. Using a juicer is an easy way to reap most of the vitamins, minerals, and certain other disease-fighting substances from vegetables and fruits. But juicing strains out most of the fiber, some of the vitamins and minerals, and possibly other, unknown beneficial substances.

In contrast, using a blender retains everything in the produce. Drinking slushed fruits or vegetables can be even healthier than eating them whole, since you’re apt to consume more of them.

Read more on how to get the vitamins you need from food . And for more on blenders, see our latest recommendations .

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