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First look review: Sony PlayStation 3D Display

Consumer Reports News: January 13, 2012 10:08 AM

The Sony PlayStation 3D Display, a full-HD1080p 24-inch display for gamers, won’t replace your entertainment center, but it works well for gamers who are eager to try out 3D and don’t have a lot of extra cash to burn.

At $400, the display is a decent value: It comes packaged with a game, an HDMI cable, and one pair of active-shutter 3D glasses. The picture quality is generally fine for a set this size—but we did encounter some issues.

The display’s design actually resembles a large-scale version of the PlayStation Vita making it obvious that it was created with gamers in mind. But while the set is branded as a PlayStation display, it isn’t limited to just the PS3: You can connect any device via HDMI or component inputs. It also has a headphone jack, if you need to keep your gaming quiet.

One of the problems with the display is that the screen finish is very reflective, almost like looking in a mirror at times. This makes viewing it in bright rooms very frustrating especially when you’re playing video games.

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The display has some loss of contrast and desaturation of colors when you’re viewing it from off-angles, but it’s far from the worst we’ve seen. There are also some motion issues, but they are barely noticeable when you’re playing a game. We also noted some slight ghosting while watching movies or playing games in 3D, but that didn’t really detract from the experience.


The set doesn’t come with a remote and comes with just one pair of 3D glasses, so you’ll have to spend some extra cash to fully enjoy the display, especially if you plan on using the heavily advertised SimulView feature, which lets two players view their own full screens on the same display; but each needs his own pair of 3D glasses. This a much better option then using the normal split-screen, especially on a display this size.

SimulView works very well, with minimal ghosting, unless there is a serious difference in screen content for both players. For example, while playing Motor Storm Apocalypse, I entered a darker area of the track. A white pop-up message appeared on the other player’s screen, but it was also very visible on mine.

Other Sony 3D glasses can be used for playing games and watching movies in 3D on this display, but only the PlayStation 3D glasses let you take advantage of SimulView. Also bear in mind that this feature works only for games that are SimulView-compatible, not for every two-player game.

With the PlayStation 3D Display, Sony created a fine product that gamers will appreciate. And SimulView is a great feature for games that support it, as well as a very interesting use of 3D technology. Despite its drawbacks, the PlayStation 3D display will appeal to gamers with limited space and limited budgets who want to do some 3D gaming.

Matt Ferretti

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