Who makes the best can opener?

Consumer Reports News: January 19, 2012 12:29 PM

Consumer Reports tested a bunch of can openers to find the very best model on the market. Alas, we found there's no absolute number one, given the vagaries of personal preference and safety requirements. But the following pro-and-con-based reviews from our panel of testers should lead you to the right opener for you.

Anolon 55896, $24
Pros: Comfortable grip, good torque, and a fluid turning mechanism.
Cons: Leaves sharp edges. Also, the opener slipped off the can a couple of times during testing and opening oval sardine cans was somewhat difficult.

Chef 'N EZSqueeze, $17
Pros: Ratchet design allows for one-handed opening with a few squeezes. Our testers described a sound locking mechanism and it was easy to tell when the can was opened fully.
Cons: A bit awkward to get started and it leaves sharp edges. The squeezing action can pinch if you're not careful and people with weaker hand strength may find the opener tiring.

Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Opener 2262, $20
Pros: No sharp edges and the push button mechanism for grabbing the lid proved effective. The multi-tasking tool also opens flip-top bottles and pull-tab cans.
Cons: Testers found it a little awkward, uncomfortable, and bulky. Turning the knob was more laborious than with other openers.

Oxo Good Grip Magnetic Locking Can Opener, $20

Pros: Cushioned handle locks shut to hold the can secure as you turn the knob, and the magnetic arm keeps lid from falling into can.
Cons: The knob was a little stiff at first and the magnet didn't work consistently. Also, the opener leaves sharp edges that can pose a cutting risk to fingers when lifting up the lid.

Progressive International Safety I-Can, $18
Pros: Ratchet design cuts along the side of the can, leaving no sharp edges. It got the job done in our tests, even with dented cans.
Cons: You can't use the top of the can to squeeze liquid from the can, say with tuna.

Daniel DiClerico

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