The quest for the best callus remover

We pitted 2 motorized gadgets against the original PedEgg

Published: August 12, 2015 12:00 PM

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Keeping your feet in top condition takes time, so we wondered whether products such as the new battery-operated PedEgg could make it faster and easier. In previous tests, Consumer Reports' volunteer panelists found the original PedEgg—which works sort of like a kitchen microplane—to be a better callus remover than a pumice stone.

But the new battery-powered versions claim to give you smooth, beautiful feet in minutes, without manual rubbing. So we pitted two heavily promoted brands, the Amopé Pedi Perfect and PedEgg Power, against the original PedEgg.

For our test, we asked 20 volunteers to use one of the battery-run gadgets on one foot and the original PedEgg on the other. Most agreed that the motorized gadgets took less work, but all three devices did the job.

The downside: You won’t get perfectly baby-soft feet with these gadgets, and the battery models left lots of skin dust on our testers’ floors. Also, most of the skin experts we talked to cautioned that the devices contain sharp blades or mechanized grinding surfaces that can damage your skin if you’re not careful.

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Original PedEgg Professional, $12

The claim. “Gently removes dry skin.”

Testers’ notes. This manual foot file isn’t as quick and easy to use as battery-operated devices, but it’s just as good a callus remover. Several test panelists said it was easier to control than the battery-powered foot files.

PedEgg Power, $21
(batteries not included)

The claim. “The fastest, easiest way to remove calluses.”

Testers’ notes. Panelists gave it high scores, but several noted that they were disappointed in the amount of time it took to remove calluses. Some said the design of the roller—narrow and a bit indented—made it difficult to get at some calluses. It also created a mess of skin dust.

In search of baby-soft feet?

What do you do to get rid of rough skin and calluses? Share your tips below.

Amope Pedi Perfect, $38
(with batteries)

The claim. “Beautifully smooth skin after one use.”

Testers’ notes. No device will get rid of really thick-skinned calluses in one swipe. All three of the devices we tested took a while to remove those areas. And one panelist said it was “easy to go too far” with the Amopé Pedi Perfect, which took off too much of her skin. It also left behind big piles of skin dust.  

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