Rows and rows of candy corn Halloween candy.

Despite all the changes we’ve experienced this year, for many of us there's one constant we can count on: We’ll be surrounded by plenty of Halloween candy.  

According to the latest data from the National Confectioners Association, sales of Halloween-themed candy are up nearly 9 percent over last year. And that was before we hit the last two weeks October—traditionally the prime time for buying Halloween candy. 

More On Healthy Snacking

We've all got our favorite seasonal treat, but the key to indulging healthfully is portion control. Those “fun size” packages can help, but reach into the candy bowl too many times and calories can add up. 

To help you keep your consumption in check, we calculated the exact amount of 10 trick-or-treat favorites you can eat for 100 calories. Use this visual guide to keep tabs on how much you’re eating.

Varieties of Halloween Candy