A treadmill

New Year's is a time when many people make resolutions to lead happier, healthier, and more financially responsible lives. And retailers are ready to help you get there—perhaps one reason that you'll find discounts on a variety of fitness products in January.

This is also a good month to find great sales and deep discounts on many other products as retailers unload remaining holiday inventory. 

Here are some of the products you'll find on sale this month.

If you want to know what’s on sale the rest of the year, check our calendar of deals.

Price Cuts on Fitness Products

Treadmills. Treadmills are the most popular workout machines in the U.S., and there’s an option for every budget and fitness goal. That can make choosing one complicated.

The key is to find a machine that’s durable, comfortable, and easy to use. Try one out in the store before making a purchase, and read through our treadmill buying guide to familiarize yourself with the available options. To find the ones we consider top-notch, check out our treadmill ratings as well.

More on Shopping

Ellipticals. Elliptical exercisers are part stair-climber, part cross-country-ski machine. Unlike a treadmill, which allows you to move free-form, an elliptical constrains your movement. That’s why it’s especially important to test out the machines in a store before you buy one.

Our elliptical buying guide and elliptical ratings will help you select a machine with the quality and features you want.

Bathroom scales. Today’s digital scales track more than just your weight—they also offer additional information, such as your body-fat percentage. You'll pay more, though, for such features.

Before you buy, check out our scales buying guide to see whether additional features are worth the additional cost. According to our testers, weight measurements are consistent and accurate across most digital scales, but body-fat measurements are not.

TVs on Sale

If you didn’t buy a new TV last year, the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl are a great time to find deep discounts. This year the game will be played on Feb. 3. 

It pays to do your research before heading to the store. The televisions you see there are calibrated to look great under fluorescent lights but may not look quite as vibrant in your home. Consumer Reports offers its members a TV optimizer service to ensure that you get the best picture quality once you bring your TV home.

Consider the size. If you’re buying a newer, Ultra High Definition TV, also called a 4K TV, it will have a screen resolution of 8 million pixels, or four times the number of individual pixels as an HD set. The benefits of a UHD TV are more apparent in larger screen sizes—say, 65 inches and above—or when you’d like to sit closer to the TV.

In general, we believe most consumers are best served by high-definition TVs that have a screen that is at least 40 to 42 inches. A 46- or 50-inch set is often preferable in rooms where you’ll be sitting 8 to 10 feet or so from the screen. Consider an even bigger set for more spacious family rooms. 

Our TV buying guide will help you get the most bang for your buck, no matter how much you want to spend. Subscribers should consult our TV ratings to make sure you get a set that performed well in our lab tests.

Food Processors

If a healthier diet is on your New Year's resolutions list, investing in a food processor might be worthwhile. These kitchen appliances can shorten tedious preparation time and, perhaps, stave off the urge to order in.

You can spend as little as $13 for a basic chopper or more than 30 times that amount for a souped-up food processor, so it's really important that you think about how you'll use your machine.

Unless you regularly cook for a crowd or like to prepare multiple batches of a recipe, a food processor with a capacity of 7 cups or so should be fine for most tasks. Remember that the big ones tend to be heavy and take up counter space.

For smaller jobs, like cutting onions and mincing garlic, choppers make more sense. Plus they’re easier to clean.

Generally, we've found that price does correlate with quality when it comes to food processors, so this is a good time to be on the lookout for a deep discount on a quality product. Look for sales and check out our ratings and recommendations to make sure you're getting the best product for the lowest price you can. 


As the temperatures drop and we crank up the heat in our homes, the air we breathe becomes drier, which can lead to chapped skin, nosebleeds, and sore throats. Thankfully, this is a good time of the year to find humidifiers on deep discount.

When shopping for a humidifier, you can choose between two types: warm mist and cool mist. Warm mist humidifiers essentially boil water and emit a warm vapor into the air. Cool mist humidifiers use a variety of methods to create a cool vapor without boiling water.

In addition to deciding on the type of humidifier to buy, there are a few other things to consider:

Ease of Cleaning
The key to maintaining a properly functioning humidifier is simple: Keep it clean. So you want one that’s easy to drain, rinse, and dry every day. Regular, frequent cleaning is a must to ensure that the moisture the humidifier generates is safe to breathe.

Ease of Use
A tabletop or console humidifier should be easy to move and clean. The tank should fit easily beneath your bathroom faucet. With evaporative models, the wick should be easy—and economical—to replace. Look for user-friendly controls and clearly visible displays of humidity level and settings.

Some humidifiers have a humidistat that shuts off the unit when it reaches a preset humidity level. Models without a humidistat can raise the humidity so much that it causes condensation on windows.

You can program some tabletop and console models to turn on at a set time so that your room is at the right humidity when you get home. But this convenience might pose a problem: Water that sits in the tank for hours can breed microbes if you don’t dry the humidifier thoroughly between uses.

Make sure to check our buying guide, ratings, and recommendations before you start shopping so that you have the information you need to make the best product choice.