Best Dishwashers of 2022

    Standouts from CR's tests include models from Bosch, Kenmore, and others

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    Most dishwashers clean well, as we’ve found in our extensive lab testing of more than 65 current models (and hundreds more over the past few decades). But the very best models stand out because they run quietly, dry plastics well, and have great racking features that make them easy to load. They’re also reliable, a quality we’ve measured through surveys of tens of thousands of Consumer Reports members.

    In our ratings, you’ll find dozens of models from a host of brands, such as Bosch (including the popular Bosch 300 series), Whirlpool, GE, LG, Samsung, and Frigidaire. We also tested boutique labels like Fisher & Paykel, store brands including Ikea and Insignia, and newcomers like Thor and Kucht.


    CR members can read on to see ratings and reviews of a half-dozen standard-sized (24-inch-wide) dishwashers that earned some of the top marks in CR’s tests and surveys. Because the top of our rankings is dominated by one manufacturer with supply issues right now, we’ve highlighted a handful of strong performers from other brands to consider instead.

    For even more options, CR members can also explore our full dishwasher ratings. In the middle of our rankings, there are decent machines with similar Overall Scores, but each has different strengths and weaknesses. You can pick and choose based on what matters the most to you. 

    How We Picked the Best Dishwashers

    People prioritize different features in a dishwasher, including a third rack, a short wash-cycle time, or a fingerprint-resistant surface. We note these kinds of options on each model page from our comprehensive dishwasher ratings and provide the details you need to know about them in our dishwasher buying guide. But there are a few performance aspects that everyone can appreciate, and we test them rigorously in our labs. These include:

    • Cleaning: The top performers can reliably wash away starchy, crusted-on messes and produce great results even with lower-cost (or more eco-friendly) detergents, or in hard water, which tends to reduce a detergent’s cleaning ability. Certain extras like extra wash arms and specialty wash zones touted by manufacturers may suggest better cleaning power, but that’s not always the case, as our washing tests have found.
    • Drying: In general, CR’s testers have found that dishwashers with heated-dry cycles (which essentially bake moisture off of the dishes) tend to do a better job at getting your dishes bone-dry than models that rely on residual heat, but it’s not a guarantee. Larry Ciufo, CR’s head of dishwasher testing, has also noted that dishwashers that automatically open their doors at the end of a cycle to release steam tend to be effective, too.
    • Noise: CR has found in our testing that certain “quiet” models actually have jarring, obvious spikes in volume from time to time while they run, like the sound of the detergent door thwacking against the tub or the churn of a loud drain pump. Our ratings take those random noises into account. Anything rated at 55 decibels or higher is obviously loud and can border on being a nuisance if, for example, your bedroom is next to your kitchen.
    • Efficiency: Our tests have discovered that dishwashers often use slightly more water and energy than advertised, probably because we test each dishwasher on its default cleaning cycle, which isn’t always the normal setting. But the difference adds up to only a few dollars’ worth of extra utility costs per year. If efficiency and sustainability are especially important to you, opt for a CR Green Choice dishwasher, which we believe to be among the most efficient. They also have the least negative environmental impact compared with other models on the market.

    How Much Should You Spend on a Dishwasher?

    Dishwashers can cost as little as $300 or more than $2,000. Here’s what our testers found in each category.

    • Less than $500: There aren’t too many of these left after the effect of double-digit inflation we’ve seen on appliances in the past couple of years. Those that are still available typically have plastic tubs, which don’t resist stains as well as stainless steel tubs. Consumer Reports’ tests have also found that these dishwashers are relatively noisy.
    • Between $500 and $1,000: Many models in this price range earn our top ratings for cleaning performance as well as predicted reliability, which are two factors we weigh heavily in our ratings overall. They also often have at least a few convenient features, like adjustable racks, a third rack, and quiet operation.
    • More than $1,000: The styling becomes more upscale and the dishwashers are fully loaded, so you don’t have to pick and choose between special features; you’ll find most or all of them in a single package.

    Should You Repair or Replace Your Broken Dishwasher?

    CR’s interactive tool leverages product costs, depreciation rates, and survey data to help you make the right choice. 

    How Consumer Reports Tests Dishwashers

    When a dishwasher enters Consumer Reports’ labs, we put it through at least 28 hours’ worth of tough trials. More than 65 dishwasher models have gone through our labs, and we test new ones regularly.

    Our experts assess how well each model can dry plastic, which is a tough task for modern, energy-efficient dishwashers. A panel of judges also listens to an entire cycle to identify “any annoying noises,” as Ciufo puts it. 

    And of course, we test each model’s cleaning prowess. Our testers apply a consistent amount of starchy goop to 10 white ceramic plates. (The recipe is a secret, but cocoa is involved.) Then they bake each plate until it’s crusty, load the plates into the dishwasher without prerinsing, and run the default cleaning cycle. Afterward, our imaging software compares before and after photos of each plate to precisely analyze how much gunk is left over.

    We also incorporate feedback from the tens of thousands of Consumer Reports members who take our annual dishwasher survey. This data helps us predict which brands may be the most reliable and which ones tend to make their owners the happiest.

    6 Best Dishwashers

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