Best and Worst Eyeglass and Contact Lens Stores

CR’s new survey results can help you find the right eyewear retailer for you

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Whether you wear contacts or eyeglasses, chances are your eyewear is one of the first things you reach for each morning. So you want to be sure they help you see better, make you look good, are comfortable, and hold up to daily use.

That’s a lot to ask for, so our team set out to determine which retailers—both in-store and online—deliver the goods.

Our spring 2019 survey collected responses from more than 65,000 CR members about their prescription eyeglass or contact lens purchases within the previous 24 months. Respondents rated retailers for satisfaction on a 6-point scale from completely dissatisfied (6) to completely satisfied (1), and rated sellers for customer service, fit (glasses only), follow-up (glasses only), price, policies, quality, and selection on a 6-point scale ranging from Very Poor to Excellent.

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For their responses to be eligible for the glasses ratings sample, survey takers had to have bought their frames and lenses from the same retailer—not the frames from one store and the lenses elsewhere. And to be included in a ratings chart, a retailer had to have been rated by at least 90 respondents in total.

What follows are detailed ratings for 33 retailers where members bought glasses and 17 where they purchased contacts. Armed with the accumulated wisdom of all these experiences, you can find the best eyewear store to get your particular needs met.

Retailers Who Top the Chart

While many consumers have different priorities—from convenience to price to selection—we found that across the board, they were pretty happy with their eyeglass and contacts retailers.

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