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Know Consumer Reports for testing and ratings? We also lead powerful campaigns with our members that make our lives safer and fairer.

Our work is based on our findings: people-powered research and scientific data that keep corporate claims honest. Right now, we’re fighting unfair financial practices, contaminations in our food and water and careless data privacy policies -- issues that affect us everyday.

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We're a nonprofit. We team up with over 6 million members to keep your power in your hands. Here’s what you can do right now:

Credit Reporting

In the past year, mistakes by credit bureaus have skyrocketed. In fact, 1 in 4 people found errors on their credit reports. That can jeopardize your ability to get a good loan — from cars, homes, education and more. Let’s push the credit bureaus to clean up their act.

Credit Check-Up

Digital Privacy

Smart TVs are watching you. Smartphones know everything you do. But what do companies do with that info? Your personal data should remain private. You can take steps to make that happen — and send a smart signal to big tech now.

Protect My Data

Safe Water

We tested tap water in homes across the U.S. The results set off alarms. After finding toxic chemicals, we’re leading other advocates to call for stronger regulations across America. Join us in the fight for clean water.

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We’re consumers too. We want products and services that are safe and deliver on their promises. But not just for our families; for everyone. For 85 years, we’ve been putting safety, reliability, transparency and consumers first, and driving change when and where it’s needed.

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James Dickerson

Chief Scientific Officer

CR’s scientists, engineers and tech geeks make sure product claims and performance are truthful.


Syed Ejaz

Policy Analyst

We’re on the Hill, in Congress and in front of legislators to make sure your rights are protected.


Rachel Peachman

Investigative Journalist

CR’s writers expose and uncover areas where products and policies fall short — or go the distance.


Amira Dhalla

Asso. Director, Mobilization

Our 6 million members and activists believe in safety, empowered choices and fair value.

6+ Million

members whose actions help raise the standards of the products and services we use every day


products tested each year to ensure reliable performance and safety

63 Labs

provide independent, unbiased testing and data


of test drives to create safer standards for cars, trucks and SUVs


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