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Good questions: and we get it. You need to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Consumer Reports helps you find the answers you need: What’s safest? The best deal? Most reliable?

Our experts use science to distinguish fact from fiction. We're about data: we use tests and consumer surveys to give you unbiased ratings and reviews. For 85 years, we've been fighting to make sure you get a fair, safe deal.

We're in this together. Fairness needs a fighter.

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Sure, you might know us for our ratings and reviews. But did you know we’re also a nonprofit? We’ve been working with consumers to fight unfair practices and unsafe standards for 85 years. So when you join CR, you not only get what you need for your home, your ride, and your tech — you’re also helping to fight for fairness and safety for every consumer.

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We'll keep you informed about recalls, data privacy issues and unsafe products

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We’re consumers too. We want products and services that are safe and deliver on their promises. Not just for our families - for everyone. Meet some of the people who work at CR - and what they’re working on right now.

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Maria Rerecich


CR’s scientists, engineers and tech geeks make sure product claims and performance are truthful.


Nandita Sampath

Policy Analyst

We’re on the Hill, in Congress and in front of legislators to make sure your rights are protected.


Nicholas De Leon

Technology Writer

CR’s writers expose and uncover areas where products and policies fall short — or go the distance.


Marcus Jones

Campaign Manager

Our 6 million members and activists believe in safety, empowered choices and fair value.

6+ Million

members whose actions help raise the standards of the products and services we use every day


products tested each year to ensure reliable performance and safety

63 Labs

provide independent, unbiased testing and data


of test drives to create safer standards for cars, trucks and SUVs


working with and only for consumers


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