You’ll find more large grills to choose from and a wider selection of features. As for quality, you can expect gas grills in this range to last for many summers to come. At this price, they’d better.


Expect heavier-gauge stainless steel and more of it.

Insist on top-notch fabrication with seamless welds—nothing should be shoddy.

Heavy-duty grates are the norm. And a must.

Burner warranties of 10 years or longer are typical, so watch out for manufacturers that skimp with shorter ones.

Convenience Features

Expand your culinary repertoire with a rotisserie burner. The motorized spit will slowly grill whole chickens and roasts.

For grilling after dark, look for LED lights inside the hood and behind the controls. They run on batteries, so keep extras on hand.

Before You Buy

Consider whether you’d prefer to not have to refill a propane tank, because almost all grills tested in this price range also come in a natural-gas version or can be converted to natural gas with a kit that costs about $50 to $100. You’d need a professional plumber to run a gas line, and of course you wouldn’t be able to move your grill once it’s installed.

Impressive Grills at This Price

Forty-seven of the more than 130 gas grills in our ratings cost between $1,000 and $3,200. Here are eight high-scoring grills from our ratings, in order of least to most expensive by size.

Small (room for up to 18 4-ounce burgers)
Weber Genesis II LX S-240, $1,000

Midsized (room for 18 to 28 burgers)
Weber Genesis II LX S-340, $1,200
Napoleon Prestige P500RSlB, $1,400
Weber Summit S-470, $1,900

Large (room for 28 burgers or more)
Weber Genesis II LX S-440, $1,600
Napoleon LEX730RSBlPSS, $1,800
Weber Genesis II LX-S-640, $2,000
Napoleon Prestige Pro 665RSlB, $3,200

See our full gas grill ratings for more options, and use the filter to narrow your selection by price, brand, and size. The brand-reliability info can help you decide, too. Our gas grill buying guide is a great place to start.

Editor's Note: This article also appeared in the June 2017 issue of Consumer Reprots magazine.