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Top-scoring, high-end grills for $1,000 or more.
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Best Gas Grills for $1,000 and Up

CR's exclusive reviews of impressive high-end models that last

Spending $1,000 or more on a gas grill opens up your choices to beautifully built, large models packed with features like interior LED lighting, a pull-out garbage bin, built-in storage, and even a rotisserie.

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"For $1,000 or more, just about any grill you buy will have an optional kit allowing you to convert it to run on natural gas," says Mark Allwood, the market analyst who covers grills for Consumer Reports. "You'll have the added expense of running a gas line outdoors, but that may be worthwhile with a pricier grill, since you'll probably have that grill for years."

If you're in the market for a new grill, start with our buying guide to nail down what size you need and zero in on features that matter to you. Below, learn what to expect from models costing $1,000 and up. CR members can also read on for our top picks for gas grills in this category. 

Construction and Convenience Features

The best gas grills for $1,000 and up should have heavier-gauge stainless steel, and more of it. Insist on top-notch fabrication with seamless welds—nothing should be shoddy. (Read about CR's structural-integrity test and find out whether your grill is built to last.)

Heavy-duty grates are the norm, and another must. Burner warranties of 10 years or longer are typical, so watch out for manufacturers that skimp with shorter ones.

In terms of features, in this price range you could expand your culinary repertoire with a rotisserie burner. The motorized spit slowly cooks whole chickens and roasts. For grilling after dark, look for LED lights inside the hood and behind the controls. They run on batteries, so keep extras on hand.

Before You Buy

Consider whether you’d prefer to not have to refill a propane tank; almost all grills tested in this price range also come in a natural-gas version or can be converted to natural gas with a kit that costs about $50 to $100. You’d need a professional plumber to run a gas line, and you wouldn’t be able to move your grill, of course, once it’s installed.

Best Gas Grills for $1,000 and Up

Read on for ratings and reviews of CR's high-scoring grills for $1,000 or more.

Best Small Grill

Weber Genesis II LX S-240
Price: $1,000
Overall Score: 71
CR's take: This handsome, rugged Weber packs premium features typically reserved for larger grills into a smaller package, making it well-suited for someone serious about grilling but short on space. The Weber Genesis II LX S-240's performance is solid across the board, and it has thoughtful touches like a side burner and LED lights built into the warming racks and lid handle—a boon if you cook at night.

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