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A grill in the $700 to $1,000 price range.

Best Gas Grills for $700 to $1,000

Step up on the price for impeccable construction, extra features, and a visual boost

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In this price range, you can expect more from a gas grill. Most models should be well-built, and some small and midsized contenders will be packed with premium features.

“You’ll see smart capabilities, pullout propane tank shelves, and design informed by pro-style ranges,” says Mark Allwood, the market analyst who oversees grills for Consumer Reports. “Most models in this category can be converted to run on natural gas, which makes sense. If you’re serious about grilling, you don’t want to be constantly running errands for propane.”


Opt for a stainless steel cart with an enclosed cabinet and, if possible, drawers. All visible seams should be welded for sturdiness—and for a clean profile. Welded carts should be noticeably sturdier than thin-gauge painted-steel carts assembled with nuts and bolts.

If your budget falls between $700 and $1,000, you should expect metal casters rather than plastic ones.

And as the cost goes up, construction under the hood should improve. Ideally, you want a firebox made of heavy-duty stainless steel.

Convenience Features

Storage drawers are handy for keeping spatulas, tongs, and other utensils within reach.

If you enjoy grilled food with a smoky flavor, pick a grill with a smoker tray. It holds wood chips and can enhance the food’s flavor (though not as much as a dedicated smoker).

Several grills in this price range are meant to boost your grilling confidence with the help of a WiFi or Bluetooth thermometer, which lets you check the internal temperature of meat without lifting the lid and letting heat escape.

Performance Upgrades

A boast of high Btu, or British thermal units, might seem impressive, but it shouldn’t be a reason to choose one grill over another. Btu indicates how much heat a grill can generate, but our tests find that a higher number doesn’t guarantee faster preheating or better cooking.

The same is true of infrared technology: It isn’t a reason to select a grill. Our tests found that infrared grills perform no better or worse than typical gas grills.

Before You Buy

Given that grills in this price range tend to be bigger and heavier, ask whether assembly is included in the cost. Same goes for delivery. And be sure you’re getting a 10-year burner warranty.

Our gas grill ratings include more than a dozen in this price category. Use our grills buying guide to zero in on the size and price that’s right for you.

Best Gas Grills for $700 to $1,000

Below, ratings and reviews of high-scoring grills costing between $700 and $1,000.

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