If you're shopping for health insurance through Affordable Care Act exchanges, the time to enroll for next year has arrived. After a few years of big price increases, some consumers will see relief.  

Still, what you end up paying will vary significantly depending on where you live. Rates will be lower in 19 states, and eight of those will see drops of 10 percent or more. But six states have double-digit premium increases. The variation reflects how differently states are trying to rein in the cost of health insurance. 

Premiums and deductibles are still high, of course, which means you'll need to shop carefully and compare plans to find the best fit. Roll (mouse) over the map below to see what's happening where you live.  

ACA Health Insurance Costs
Average costs vary widely across the U.S. Roll over your state to see 2019 premiums.

2019 Average Monthly Premiums

Notes: The average monthly premium in each state is based on the second-lowest-cost Silver plan for a 40-year-old nonsmoker who doesn't receive financial subsidies. Your own premium will vary depending on your age, financial status, and which plan you choose.

Sources: Insurer rate filings, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Kaiser Family Foundation, Commonwealth Fund, Urban Institute.
Last updated: Nov. 5, 2018