Hybrid Head-to-Head: Honda Insight vs. Toyota Prius

The all-new compact hybrid takes on the fuel-economy champ

Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius

The all-time U.S. hybrid champ, the Toyota Prius, faces a new contender, Honda's newly reintroduced Insight. It's a tight race, but there's a clear winner, and there's more to both than fuel economy.

Just say “hybrid” and many drivers immediately think of the Toyota Prius. Plenty of other automakers build hybrids, but the Prius has been the longest-running hybrid nameplate for sale in the U.S. It has consistently delivered excellent fuel economy, has been reliable in Consumer Reports’ Annual Auto Survey, and has evolved into a well-rounded car.

Hybrid & Plug-in Road Tests

Over the past 15 years, Honda has taken a few shots at the Prius, first with the Civic Hybrid, followed by the 2010-14 Insight (which looked a lot like a Prius). Now, Honda has brought the Insight back for 2019. Can its conservative looks and fuel economy win over loyal Prius owners? Can it attract buyers who think hybrids make too many compromises?

We take an in-depth look at these two models by comparing how they fared in CR’s testing and surveys. And we let you know which one comes out on top in our book.

Honda Insight front three-quarters view