Britax Offers Free Replacement Part Under Jogging Stroller Settlement

What to do if you own a BOB jogging stroller purchased before September 2015

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Britax baby stroller CSPC

Update: In July 2019 the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall of the replacement thru-bolt axle offered by Britax as a remedy for consumers who own a BOB jogging stroller manufactured between January 2009 and September 2015. The replacement thru-bolt can fracture during use. For full details, see "Britax Recalls Replacement Thru-Bolt Axles for BOB Jogging Strollers." The story below was originally published January 11, 2019.

Britax is offering a free replacement part for its BOB jogging strollers to prevent the front wheel from coming off and potentially causing injuries to both infants and adults.

The replacement part, which provided a new way of locking the front wheel, followed a settlement with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. According to a lawsuit filed by the federal agency last year, about 200 people reported cases of the front wheel coming off during use, resulting in dozens of injuries.

Under the settlement, nearly 500,000 owners of BOB jogging strollers can get their choice of a replacement part—either an "alternative quick-release axle" or a non quick-release "thru-bolt axle"—or a 20 percent discount on a new BOB jogging stroller.

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Seventeen different models of the BOB stroller had a quick-release mechanism that allowed an adult to remove the front wheel in order to carry or store the stroller. If the mechanism wasn't tightened properly, however, the front wheel could detach while the adult was jogging with the child, causing the stroller to tip over.

To be eligible for the free part, consumers are first required to watch the video on the BOB website for details on the quick-release mechanism as well as the replacement part and discount options. (You can also find a video from CR, below, on the proper technique for safely attaching a quick-release wheel.)

If after watching the BOB video, you feel uncomfortable using the original quick-release mechanism and are eligible for a free replacement part, file a request as soon as possible (and no later than January 10, 2020).

And if you don't want to replace the part yourself or aren't eligible to receive one, CR advises taking the stroller to a professional at a bike shop to check that the front wheel is correctly secured.

The settlement involves BOB stroller models manufactured between January 1, 2009 and September 30, 2015.

The 17 affected models are: Ironman, Ironman Duallie, Revolution, Revolution CE, Revolution Flex, Revolution Flex Duallie, Revolution Pro, Revolution Pro Duallie, Revolution SE, Revolution SE Demo, Revolution SE Duallie, Revolution SE Duallie Plus, Revolution SE Plus, Sport Utility Stroller, Stroller Strides, Stroller Strides Duallie, and SUS Duallie.

Questions Over the Recall

In its initial lawsuit, the CPSC alleged that the design of the BOB jogging strollers posed a potential safety hazard and that the strollers should be recalled. But the company said a recall wasn't needed because the strollers are safe when used correctly.

Safety experts at Consumer Reports say that this settlement still leaves some consumers at risk.

A recall, they argue, would make it illegal to resell any of the affected models, nor does it provide a resolution for all consumers. It also limits the time frame in which consumers can request a remedy.

“Replacement axles are only being offered to consumers who purchased one of the affected strollers in 2009 or later, leaving an unknown number of strollers in circulation with no potential fix,” says Don Huber, CR’s director of product safety.

Huber notes that strollers are frequently handed down between families and friends, and re-sold at tag sales or through third-party marketplaces and online forums. These models can be legally re-sold through different avenues, because the agreement between the CPSC and Britax does not involve a recall.

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