Apparently you can’t expect every member of a kitchen appliance team to pull its own weight. Consumer Reports has found this again and again in our test labs, and it’s why we suggest that if top performance is your top priority, you'll need to mix models—maybe even across brands.

But do you really want your stainless steel range clashing with the fit and finish of an excellent microwave from some other brand? Probably not. According to a recent survey of CR subscribers, 70 percent want their kitchen appliances from a matching suite, or package. We can help with that, too, using a strategy that minimizes any sacrifice in performance.

The key is to focus first on the cooking appliance, not least because your choices will be limited by whether you have gas or electricity. A range that performs poorly will ruin your roast; a stinker of a microwave will still nuke your coffee. It’s also important to look for a refrigerator with good energy efficiency, since it runs continuously.

We’ve done the calculus on the trade-offs for you, and assembled four great kitchen appliance packages around some of CR’s top-rated ranges and refrigerators. None of the teams are made up solely of all-stars, but they're very impressive overall—especially in their matching stainless steel uniforms.

Need a Gas Range? Check Out LG

Gas Range: LG LDG4315ST, $1,900. Our top-rated gas range, this model offers stellar top-of-the-range performance and superb baking, too.

French-Door Refrigerator: LG LFXS32766S, $3,510. This refrigerator leads the pack with perfect temperature management in an easy-to-use configuration.

Dishwasher: LG LDS5040ST, $700. While the dishwasher missed the cutoff for our recommended models, it still earned a score of Very Good or better in every test we threw its way.

Over-the-Range Microwave: LG LMV2031ST, $300. One of our top-scoring over-the-range microwaves, this model heated and defrosted evenly, and did so without the annoying hum you’ll hear from some other models.

Total: $6,410

Need an Electric Smoothtop? Consider Samsung

Electric Smoothtop Range: Samsung NE59J850WS, $1,300. This range boils quickly, and maintains a simmer nicely. The oven has a large capacity and a slide-in partition that converts the cavity from a single oven to dual cavities with separate temperature controls.

French-Door Refrigerator: Samsung RF323TEDB(SR), $2,805. An energy-efficient refrigerator with through-the-door water and ice, this model aced our temperature tests.

Dishwasher: Samsung DE80F800UWS, $720. This dishwasher offers top-notch cleaning performance, but Samsung’s dishwasher reliability prevents us from recommending any model at this time—primarily due to a recall that didn’t affect this model.

Over-the-Range Microwave: Samsung ME21F70MJT, $500. If you’re willing to live with slower heating and a bit of a hum, this microwave, which fell short of our top picks, heats evenly and defrosts thoroughly.

Total: $5,325

Want an Induction Range? Look at Kenmore

Induction Range: Kenmore 95073, $1,700. The centerpiece of this set, this range isn’t just the best induction model we’ve tested, it’s our highest-scoring range, period. Beautiful baking pairs with lightning-fast boils, and perfectly steady simmers, too.

Side-By-Side Refrigerator: Kenmore 51133
, $1,000.
If you can live without a French-door refrigerator, this model was an all-star compared to other side-by-sides, and priced extremely well. If you have your heart set on a French door, Kenmore makes them, but we don’t recommend any models at this time.

Dishwasher: Kenmore 14573
, $750.
You won’t have to sacrifice cleaning performance here; this model cleaned beautifully and was energy-efficient. But it’s slightly louder than the quietest models in our tests, which kept it off the recommended list.

Over-the-Range Microwave: Kenmore 80353
, $570.
This microwave heats evenly and works quickly, but you’ll have to give up a bit in the way of venting—this Kenmore doesn’t remove steam and smoke as well as other models, and that kept it off the top picks list.

Total: $4,020

Mulling a Pro-Style Range? Try KitchenAid

Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range: KitchenAid KDRS407CSS, $4,140. Our top pro-style range, this model offers steady simmering, fast boiling, and exceptionally even baking. Just know that you'll need both a gas connection and a 220-volt electrical line to power it.

Built-In French Door Refrigerator: KitchenAid KBFN502ESS, $9,000. This 42-inch refrigerator aced our temperature tests and was among the quietest models we’ve tested. But at this price, it’s thousands more than models that performed just as well.

Dishwasher: KitchenAid KDTM704ESS, $1,620. This beautiful dishwasher came out near the top of our tests with stellar cleaning performance and handy features like a third rack for cutlery and available glass viewing window.

Over-the-Range Microwave: KitchenAid KMHP519ESS, $1,000. This even-heating microwave did well in our tests, but you’ll pay a premium for the pro styling—it didn’t perform any better than models costing half as much and missed our picks.

Total: $15,760