Laptops for $600 or Less

    Consumer Reports finds solid, low-priced models from Acer and Microsoft

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    laptop Photo: Consumer Reports

    These days, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a laptop that serves you well. Nearly three dozen options in our ratings (available to CR members) are priced at $600 or less, including three models Consumer Reports’ testers label as Best Buys.

    In general, the devices are well suited for today’s challenges, enabling you to effortlessly browse the web, edit office documents, and conduct Zoom calls with the built-in webcam. They might not be the most powerful laptops on the market, but they’ll tackle everyday tasks with few hiccups.

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    All the laptops featured here use the Microsoft Windows operating system, but if you want to spend even less, you might also consider a Chromebook. Those use Google’s Chrome OS and may be a good choice if your computing needs are very basic.

    And while you won’t find any Macs on this list, you can get great deals on refurbished models. Apple, for example, sells the MacBook Air with the M1 chip for $850, complete with a 1-year warranty and brand-new box, so you don’t miss out on that coveted “unboxing” experience.

    Every year Consumer Reports tests dozens of laptops, from premium picks to popular budget options. The three models highlighted below, arranged in ascending price order, sell for less than $600. They don’t match up to the best of the best, but they still score well in our labs, where we evaluate performance across a range of criteria, including battery life, portability, and display quality.

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