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Photo of people watching football for an article on the best TVs for the Super Bowl.

Best TVs for the Super Bowl

The big game deserves a big-screen set that can do it justice

Hosting a Super Bowl LII party might provide you with a reasonable excuse for replacing your old TV, but here’s an even better rationalization for splurging on a new, top-performing big-screen TV: In the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, retail promotions are plentiful.

Consumer Reports’ research, conducted with Gap Intelligence, a retail and e-commerce market research company, shows that the second-best TV discounts come two weeks before the Super Bowl. (Black Friday is when you’ll find the best TV deals.) In fact, Super Bowl sales pushed down prices by an average of 22 percent, according to an analysis of two years’ worth of pricing data.

How We Test TVs
Every set we evaluate goes through a battery of tests, backed by expert viewing panels, to determine high-definition picture quality and UHD performance with 4K material.

Last year we also began providing an evaluation of HDR effectiveness, so you can tell which sets perform well with this latest feature. When done right, HDR—high dynamic range—boosts a TV’s brightness, contrast, and colors, making the pictures on the screen look more like real life.

Our TV ratings, which as of mid-January have more than 280 models, also contain our evaluation of a TV’s viewing angle, its ability to minimize motion blur during fast-moving scenes, and the sound quality of the set’s built-in audio system. 

How We Chose These Models
To find our top Super Bowl TV picks, we first dipped into our ratings for the best overall models. But because these sets tend to be pricey, we also picked out a few moderately priced sets that deliver excellent picture quality. There are also a couple of budget buys on our list—they fall a step below the top sets in our ratings while still delivering a satisfying TV-watching experience. 

All but one of our picks are 65-inch 4K smart TV models. If you want to spend less or prefer a smaller TV, consider the same models in the 55-inch screen size—we’ve found that they tend to perform similarly.

As a sports fan, you’ll want to keep these things in mind as you shop for your Super Bowl TV:

• All the sets featured can deliver excellent or very good overall picture quality. But be sure to check the viewing angle, especially if you’re inviting friends over to watch the game. A set with a wider angle will ensure that everyone gets a great view.

• The fast on-field action can sometimes cause blurred images, and some TVs do a better job tackling this issue. Check our motion-blur scores to see which sets do best.

• Finally, few TVs these days have a speaker system that does justice to their great pictures, so unless you’ll be using a sound bar speaker, make sure the set can convey the visceral excitement of a big hit or the roar of the crowd. The following are our top Super Bowl TV picks.

Remember, Super Bowl LII, airing on NBC, will take place Sunday, Feb. 4.

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