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It's the season to sleep well. A number of retailers are continuing some impressive Black Friday mattress sales as we head into Cyber Monday.

We combed through the promotions to highlight sales on mattresses that fare well in our rigorous mattress tests. We’ve found decent markdowns from brands including Charles P. Rogers, Essentia, Sealy, and Serta.

“In addition to the discounts, you’ll likely see freebies like adjustable bed frames, pillows, or mattress toppers thrown in when you buy a mattress,” says Claudette Ennis, a market analyst who covers mattresses for CR. At GhostBed, for example, if you buy a mattress, you’ll get two free pillows.

Not sure where to begin? You can match your sleep position (side or back) and your stature to a top-performing mattress in CR’s mattress ratings.

You can also check out CR’s mattress buying guide, which walks you through the types and various points to consider during your search.

Below are the best deals we’ve found so far. Some span the entire line of mattresses from a manufacturer—some are markdowns on specific models. We list the price for a queen-size model. (That’s the most popular size, and also the size we test.)

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Allswell Luxe Hybrid

    The Allswell website is offering a discount of 25 percent with the code TURKEY25, which equates to about $161 in savings off the regular price of $645. Sam’s Club is offering an even better deal—you can get this mattress for $300. These are the best discounts we've seen on this mattress so far.

    The Luxe Hybrid provides decent support for most people, though it’s only average at supporting those who are large and tall who sleep on their side. A plus: It does well in our stabilization tests, so you’re less likely to feel your partner moving around at night.


    CR’s test results: Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress


    Avocado Green (Queen)

      Avocado, the maker of our top-rated innerspring mattress, is offering two free pillows with the code 2FREEPILLOWS with the purchase of any mattress.


      The brand is also offering $200 off its new all-latex mattress through Dec. 7 with the code CYBER200. (CR hasn't tested this model but plans to soon.)

      The queen-sized Avocado Green mattress rated Excellent in our support tests for average-sized side and back sleepers, large/tall side and back sleepers, and petite back sleepers, and it's almost as good for petite side sleepers, making it an all-around good choice for many mattress shoppers.

      CR's test results: Avocado Green

      Bear Mattress (Queen)

        You can save 20 percent on a Bear mattress and get two free Cloud pillows with the code BF20. The original mattress from Bear performs well in our tests and is a good choice for back and side sleepers who are petite or of average height. (Tall folks may want to look elsewhere.) CR’s tests found that it tends to retain heat, so this mattress may be best for those who sleep cooler.

        CR’s test results: Bear foam mattress

        Casper The Casper (Queen)

          All of Casper’s foam and innerspring mattresses are currently on sale for 20 percent off. Casper mattresses usually do very well in our ratings and tend to hang out at the top of the chart. According to our exclusive survey, CR members also find Casper mattresses to be very comfortable, and they're pretty satisfied with their purchase.

          CR's test results: Casper The Casper

          Charles P. Rogers Powercore Estate 5000 Mattress (Queen)

            This innerspring mattress is a top choice for back sleepers, and side sleepers may like it as well. With a latex-foam top layer, the mattress excels at supporting the curve of the spine for back sleepers. It held its shape after eight years of simulated use, and it was impressive when minimizing bouncing from across the bed. The 14-inch height may call for deep-pocket fitted sheets.

            This mattress originally cost more than $3,000 and was selling recently for around $2,100. Now it has been marked down to $1,700, plus the code BF20 gives you an additional $300 in savings and will automatically be added at checkout if you sign up for the company's newsletter. And if you go to this page first, CPR will add a free mattress protector to your cart if you buy any of its mattresses.

            CR’s test results: Charles P. Rogers Powercore Estate 5000 innerspring mattress

            Essentia Stratami (Queen)

              The Essentia Stratami is currently 25 percent off its full price for Black Friday—one of the highest discounts we've seen.

              The Stratami has been one of the top-ranking foam mattresses in CR’s ratings for several years. It’s good at supporting people of all sizes, whether they sleep on their side or back, but it earns the highest marks for supporting petite and average-sized people who sleep on their back.

              This mattress meets the two most meaningful organic standards, the Global Organic Latex Standard and the Global Organic Textile Standard.

              CR's test results: Essentia Stratami

              GhostBed GhostBed (Queen)

                This online-only mattress-in-a-box retailer is offering a 30 percent discount on the namesake GhostBed and throwing in two free pillows. Amazon has the same mattress for $50 less, if you don't want or need pillows. Shipping is free for Prime members, but the mattress does not qualify for two-day shipping, so check the estimated arrival date before you order.

                The queen-size GhostBed does well in our tests for supporting petites who sleep on their back, and it earns top marks for durability, which means it shows little change in performance after about eight years of simulated use in our tests.

                CR’s test results: GhostBed The GhostBed foam mattress

                Helix Sleep Midnight Luxe Mattress (Queen)

                  In our tests the Midnight Luxe proves to be a great choice for people of all sizes, whether they sleep on their back or side. You'll save $150 with the code BLACKFRIDAY200. This deal also includes two free pillows. One thing worth nothing: This mattress is 14 inches tall, so you’ll need deep-pocket sheets. 

                  CR’s test results: Helix Sleep Midnight Luxe innerspring mattress

                  Purple The Purple (Queen)

                    If you like foam but you don’t want to sleep hot, the Purple mattress is a good choice because it doesn’t retain heat. It resists bounciness and eases movement. The Purple mattress is a good choice for petite and average side and back sleepers, but not so much for tall and large side and back sleepers.


                    CR's test results: Purple The Purple

                    Sealy Response Performance Elm Avenue Mattress (Queen)

                      This innerspring mattress is an especially great option for small and average-sized back sleepers. Side sleepers and large/tall back sleepers might not enjoy quite the same comfort, based on CR’s test results. But if you find yourself in the first group, this mattress—especially at this impressive sale price—is worth considering. US-Mattress is offering an additional $100 off if you buy two Sealy mattresses with the code BUY2SAVE. 

                      CR’s test results: Sealy Response Performance Elm Avenue Firm 11 innerspring mattress

                      Serta Perfect Sleeper Hybrid Mattress (Queen)

                        The Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress combines innersprings and gel-infused memory foam and, based on our tests, is a decent choice for almost any type of sleeper. This mattress typically sells for around $1,000, so you’re getting $100 off.

                        CR’s test results: Serta Perfect Sleeper Hybrid Standale II Luxury innerspring mattress

                        Sleep Number 360 p6 (Queen)

                          The Sleep Number 360 p6 did well in our tests for back support for both petite and average-sized sleepers, and it's on the softer side of our mattress firmness scale, with a 4 out of 10, with 10 being the firmest. CR members found Sleep Number mattresses very comfortable and were overall very satisfied with the model they purchased. We see this mattress on sale somewhat frequently, but $500 off is a decent markdown.


                          CR's test results: Sleep Number p6

                          Tuft & Needle Mint (Queen)

                            Tuft & Needle is sold through its website and has walk-in stores in a handful of cities. But you also might find it—and have the opportunity to toss and turn on it together—at a Crate & Barrel store. In our tests, we found that it has better than average support for all body sizes—petite, average, large/tall side sleepers and petite, average, large/tall back sleepers. 


                            CR's test results: Tuft & Needle Mint 

                            Tulo Medium

                              The Tulo Medium Firm earns high marks in our durability tests, maintaining its support after a simulated eight to 10 years of use. It offers great support for petite people, whether side or back sleepers, and for average-sized people who sleep on their side. In terms of stability, this mattress is better than average, which means it stays fairly stable when someone moves around in bed.

                              Right now, the queen-size Tulo Medium Firm mattress is the least expensive mattress here that’s on sale for Cyber Monday.

                              CR’s test results: Tulo Medium Firm