Black Friday Mattress Deals

Black Friday has come and gone, but the sales on mattresses continue. If you’re looking to upgrade your bed, now’s a great time to do it: There are a number of Cyber Monday mattress deals from brands like Avocado Green, Casper, Essentia, Ghost Bed, Tuft & Needle, and Tulo.

All of them are top-ranking mattresses in CR’s ratings.

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More on Mattresses

Not sure where to begin when selecting a mattress? You can match your sleeping style and stature to the right mattress by using our mattress ratings, which include the best models for petite, average, and large/tall side sleepers, and petite, average, and large/tall back sleepers. You may also want to check out CR’s mattress buying guide, which walks you through the types of mattresses available.

Below are the deals from mattress retailers and manufacturers that we’ve spotted so far. Some span the entire line of mattresses for a manufacturer, though we list only the price for a queen-size model. (That’s the size most widely sold, and also the one we test.) We’ll continue to update this list as we see deals pop up throughout the day.

Best Cyber Monday Deals on Mattresses

Avocado Green and Avocado Green Mattress Pillowtop
The deal: $1,225 for a queen-sized Green, $1,625 for a queen-sized Green Pillowtop using code MERRY175 at
Savings: $175 off any mattress, usually $1,400 for a Green and $1,800 for a Green Pillowtop.
Avocado makes some of the highest-ranked mattresses in our ratings—and this is one of the larger discounts we've seen this year. Both Avocado mattresses support a wide range of side and back sleeper body types. The Avocado Green is two points firmer than the Avocado Green Pillowtop, scoring a seven out of 10 on our firmness scale (10 being the firmest). This offer is available through Dec. 3.

Beautyrest Silver Golden Gate Pillowtop
The deal: $717 for a queen-size at
Savings: $1000 off a queen-size, usually $1,799.
For today only, the the Silver Golden Gate is more than half-off the retailer price at Macy's online. It earns a Very Good rating for petite, average, and large/tall side support, making it a good option for side sleepers of all sizes. It's on the softer side of mattress firmness, earning a four out of 10 with 10 being the firmest.

Casper The Casper
The deal: 
$896 for a queen-size at
Savings: $100 off a queen-size, usually $995.
Casper is currently offering 10 percent off any purchase on its site that includes a mattress, through Cyber Monday. It’s not the biggest deal we’ve seen for a Casper, but it’s a good time to buy the company’s current iteration of its namesake mattress, The Casper, which ranks very highly in our foam mattress ratings. It earns an Excellent rating for petite side and back support, and offers lots of support for other body types as well.

Charles P. Rogers St. Regis
The deal: 
$927 for a queen-size at
Savings: $400 off a queen-size, usually $1,359.
The St. Regis mattress is not only great at supporting petite back sleepers, earning an Excellent score for petite back support in our tests, but also offers terrific support for side and back sleepers of all sizes. This mattress has several layers of latex foam, weighs 120 pounds, and has four grips for easy manuvering. 

Essentia Stratami
The deal: $2,153 for a queen-size at (25 percent off all mattresses at
Savings: $718 off a queen-size, usually $2,871.
The Essentia Stratami is one of the top-ranking foam mattresses in CR’s ratings, and has been for several years. It earns an Excellent score for petite and average back sleeping support, and is great all-around for sleepers of all sizes and sleep styles. This mattress meets two organic standards, the Global Organic Latex Standard and the Global Organic Textile Standard, if that’s important to you in a mattress. This offer is available through Cyber Monday.

Ghost Bed Ghost Bed Mattress
The deal: $795 for a queen-size at
Savings: $200 off a queen-size, usually $995.
The bed-in-a-box GhostBed is a recommended mattress in Consumer Reports' ratings. It earns a Very Good rating for side support for all sizes of sleepers, and average and large/tall back sleepers. It's also a very stable mattress, meaning the foam on this mattress allows you to shift around with ease. This offer is available through Cyber Monday.

Sealy Posturepedic Performance Lawson Euro Pillowtop
The deal: $807 for a queen-size mattress at Macy's
Savings: $763 off a queen-size, usually $1,570.
At Macy's, the Lawson Euro Pillowtop is on sale today only for nearly half-off. It earns an Excellent rating for petite back support, and doesn't disappoint for other body size and sleep style support. In terms of firmness, this mattress is slightly on the firmer side, earning a six out of 10 in our firmness scale. It's 14 inches high, weighs about 76 pounds, but doesn't come with any grips for rotating or moving around.

Tuft & Needle Mint
The deal: 
$716 for a queen-size at
Savings: $179 off a queen-size, usually $895.
Through Cyber Monday, you can buy the CR-recommended Tuft & Needle Mint for a reasonable price. The Mint mattress earns Very Good ratings for side and back sleeping support across the board, so you won’t have to worry about losing support for different body types and sleep styles. If you’re considering this mattress, you might be able to try one out at your local Crate & Barrel. Check Tuft & Needle’s website for partner locations.

Tulo Medium Firm
The deal: $500 for a queen-size at on Nov. 22 and on Cyber Monday, Nov. 26
Savings: $150 off a queen-size, usually $650
This is a recommended mattress from Consumer Reports, and might be one of the least expensive models you’ll find on sale for Cyber Monday. The Tulo Medium Firm earns an Excellent rating in our durability tests, maintaining its support after a simulated eight to 10 years of use.