Mattress sales are abundant around Memorial Day.

If you’re shopping for a new mattress, Memorial Day is a great time to buy.

Typically, almost every brand offers a discount or another promotion over the holiday weekend that could help you save on a new bed. CR combed through advertised sales—many of which have already begun—looking for savings on mattresses that performed well in Consumer Reports’ mattress tests.

So far, we’ve seen some great savings on queen mattresses. We’ll update this article as new and improved offers appear.

Though some U.S. stores are starting to reopen, many Americans are still under stay-at-home orders, while others might not want to risk exposure to COVID-19. (If you decide to shop in a store, consider wearing a mask, and employ basic infection-control practices.) 

Depending on where you live, stores might remain temporarily closed. But you can use CR’s mattress buying guide to get started and our mattress ratings to pinpoint models that will offer optimal support for your size and sleep style.

Here are the best Memorial Day deals we’ve found so far, listed in alphabetical order, on mattresses that perform well in CR’s tough tests.

Mattress Deals

Allswell Luxe Hybrid (Queen)

    This is probably one of the least expensive mattresses you’ll find on sale this Memorial Day. The Luxe Hybrid provides decent support for most people, though it’s only average at supporting those who are large and tall who sleep on their side. A plus: It does well in our stabilization tests, so you’re less likely to feel your partner moving around at night. Though it’s on sale on the manufacturer’s website, you’ll get an even better deal if you’re a Sam’s Club member.

    CR’s test results: Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress

    Avocado Green Mattress (Queen)

      Avocado makes some top-notch mattresses, and this is a great chance to save on the company’s flagship Avocado Green. Now through June 1, with the code WEHONOR200, you’ll save $200 on any Avocado mattress.


      We tested the queen-size Green and found that it supports a wide range of side- and back-sleeper body types. On our firmness scale, the Avocado Green is the firmest of all our top-scoring innerspring mattresses. (We also tested the Green Pillowtop model and found it to have similar results overall, though it is not as firm.)


      You can also save $150 on a bed frame with the code BED150. This code will stack with WEHONOR200 above, if you’re in need of both a mattress and a frame.


      Verified doctors, nurses, EMTs, law enforcement employees, firefighters, military members, and educators can save an extra $50.


      CR’s test results: Avocado Green mattress

      Bear Mattress (Queen)

        You can save 20 percent on a Bear mattress, and get two free Cloud pillows, with the code MD20. The original mattress from Bear performed well in our tests, and is a good choice for back and side sleepers who are petite or of average height. (Tall folks may want to look elsewhere.) CR’s tests found that it tends to retain heat, so it may be best for those who sleep cooler.


        CR’s test results: Bear mattress

        Beautyrest Medium Firm Mattress (Queen)

          This Beautyrest mattress typically sells for around $600, but you can get it for almost half off at Mattress Firm, which offers home delivery. Walmart also has a decent discount, though not quite as big—but that may be worth it if you’re able to arrange pickup at a nearby location. Our tests find this innerspring mattress is especially good for side and back sleepers.


          CR’s test results: Beautyrest BR800 Medium Firm mattress

          Casper Hybrid Mattress (Queen)

            Right now, you can get the Casper Hybrid for $129 off its regular price on Amazon. In our tests, the Casper, an innerspring mattress that also has several layers of foam, offers a good night’s rest for all the sleeper sizes, whether they sleep on their back or side. It also rates highly in our stabilization tests, meaning you should barely feel your partner if they tend to shift around at night. You can find the 2019 version we tested on sale at Amazon. CR subscribers say Casper mattresses are a great value, and more than half of those surveyed would buy another.


            CR’s test results: Casper Hybrid mattress

            Charles P. Rogers St. Regis Mattress (Queen)

              For Memorial Day, Charles P. Rogers is discounting its mattresses, including the innerspring St. Regis, which performed well in our tests. When you enter the code WSB2020, you’ll save $100 to $500 on your mattress, depending on which you choose. In addition to these discounts, the company is donating $50 to Feeding America for every order placed this week.


              Charles P. Rogers mattresses have all performed well in our tests, and the St. Regis is a great choice if you prefer innerspring to memory foam. It’s durable and isolates movement so you can sleep even if your partner is tossing and turning, and the pillowtop adds an extra touch of comfort. 


              CR’s test results: Charles P. Rogers St. Regis pillowtop mattress

              Essentia Stratami (Queen)

                From now until May 25, the Essentia Stratami is discounted at 25 percent off its full price, a deal we’ve seen before. It has been one of the top-ranking foam mattresses in CR’s ratings for several years.


                This mattress is good at supporting people of all sizes, whether they sleep on their side or back, but it earns the highest marks for supporting petite and average-sized people who sleep on their back.


                This mattress meets two organic standards, the Global Organic Latex Standard and the Global Organic Textile Standard.


                CR’s test results: Essentia Stratami

                GhostBed GhostBed (Queen)

                  This online-only bed-in-a-box retailer is offering a discount on its namesake mattress, the GhostBed. Though this isn’t the cheapest price we’ve seen for the mattress, the company is throwing in two free pillows on top of a discount of $274.


                  The queen-size GhostBed does well in our tests for supporting petites who sleep on their back, and it earns top marks for durability, which means it shows little change in performance after eight to 10 years of simulated use in our tests.

                  CR’s test results: GhostBed The GhostBed mattress

                  Helix Sleep Midnight Luxe Mattress (Queen)

                    Finding the right mattress for how you sleep can be tricky, but in our tests, the Midnight Luxe was a great choice for people of all sizes, whether they sleep on their back or side. When you use the code MDWS200, you’ll save $200 on this mattress and get two free pillows. One thing to note about this mattress is it’s 14 inches tall, meaning you’ll need to use deep-pocket sheets.


                    CR’s test results: Helix Sleep Midnight Luxe Mattress

                    Purple The Purple (Queen)

                      If you’re interested in a Purple mattress, the company is currently offering $100 off its namesake offering in all sizes. It’s unclear when this deal ends. The Purple mattress earns so-so ratings for supporting large and tall sleepers no matter their sleep style, and decent ratings for petite and average-sized side and back sleepers.


                      This mattress rates better than average for stabilization, so you’ll feel less vibration if your partner shifts around a lot.


                      CR’s test results: Purple The Purple mattress

                      Serta Perfect Sleeper Hybrid Mattress (Queen)

                        The Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress combines innersprings and gel-infused memory foam, and, based on our tests, is a decent choice for almost any type of sleeper. This mattress typically sells for around $1,000, making this 25 percent discount among the biggest Memorial Day mattress sales you’ll find this year.


                        CR’s test results: Serta Perfect Sleeper Hybrid Standale II Luxury mattress

                        Tuft & Needle T&N Mattress (Queen)

                          Tuft & Needle is offering up to 30 percent savings on all the brand’s mattresses, as well as accessories such as sheets and mattress protectors. The brand’s flagship T&N mattress is already the lowest-priced of its offerings.


                          It offers decent support to all sleepers, but it’s better for petite and average-sized people than for taller folks. Amazon also has a sale on the queen-size original for about the same price as T&N’s discounted price. CR’s tests show that Tuft & Needle makes decent mattresses all-around; we’ve also evaluated the Mint mattress and two T&N hybrids.


                          CR’s test results: Tuft & Needle T&N mattress

                          Tulo Medium Firm (Queen)

                            The Tulo Medium Firm earns our highest marks in our durability tests, maintaining its support after a simulated eight to 10 years of use. It offers great support for petites whether they sleep on their side or back, and for average-sized people who sleep on their side. In terms of stability, this mattress is better than average, which means it stays fairly stable when someone moves around in bed. 

                            CR’s test results: Tulo Medium Firm mattress