If you’ve been tossing and turning on a mattress that has seen better days, this weekend is a good time to get a deal on a new mattress—whether you prefer to shop online or in a store.

“Presidents Day has historically been a big sales day for mattresses,” says Claudette Ennis, CR’s market analyst for mattresses. “Mattress retailers and manufacturers know you’ll have some time to stop and shop.”

We looked through advertised sales for savings on mattresses that did well in Consumer Reports’ mattress tests and found a number of options—from Charles P. Rogers to Casper, and Sleep Number to Tempur-Pedic—that are worth a look.

Presidents Day Mattress Deals

Below, we’ve rounded up the standout deals we found for the weekend. Many continue a few days after the holiday. And even if a particular mattress model you like isn’t on sale, look for discounts or promotions on the manufacturer’s website—or try to haggle for a better price.

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Casper is offering $125 off a purchase of $1,250 or more, unless you spend more than $2,000, then it’s $200 off—either way, roughly a 10 percent discount. If you plan to go all-Casper with a Casper mattress, Casper sheets, and a bed frame, this could be a good deal—and shipping’s free. We’ve tested all three Caspers: The Casper, usually $950, The Wave, usually $1,850, and The Essential, usually $600.

Charles P. Rogers
All the manufacturer’s mattresses are marked down 10 to 20 percent, including its Charles P. Rogers Powercore Estate 5000 mattress, usually $1,500; it’s one of the top-performing innerspring beds in our tests. This mattress offers superb support for back sleepers and tested well across petite, average, and large/tall body types.

JCPenney has several deals on mattresses for Presidents Day. The offering that caught our eye? The Serta iComfort Applause II. This hybrid innerspring regularly retails for around $1,155, but at JCPenney you can get both the mattress and a box set on sale for $775. For side sleepers of all sizes, this mattress offers good support, but back sleepers of all sizes might want to pass.

Update: Leesa upped their coupon from $125 to $200 toward its higher-end innerspring Sapira mattress, usually $1,475. For its Leesa mattress, usually $890, the coupon is still $125. The Leesa tests well for petite and average side sleepers and petite back sleepers, but large/tall side and back sleepers and average back sleepers will be more content with another mattress. The Sapira mattress is great for petite and average side and back sleepers and large and tall back sleepers. It's a middle-of-the-road bed for large and tall side sleepers. One word of caution: If you're considering ordering the bed from Pottery Barn, which is also listing the $200 deal, you'll have to pay shipping on the bed, as it's not listed as part of Pottery Barn's free shipping exclusions.

On Lull’s site, there’s a coupon for $50 off a foam Lull mattress, typically priced at $800. Overall, the Lull is a slightly firmer mattress that tests well among petite and average side and back sleepers and large/tall back sleepers, but not so much for large/tall side sleepers.

Mattress Firm
At Mattress Firm you can snag an innerspring Hampton & Rhodes HR420S 12.25" Plush Mattress for 20 percent off the usual retail price of $600. That’s a decent markdown on an already affordable model. This Hampton & Rhodes is very soft and tested well for average and large/tall side sleepers. It’s not so great at stabilization, so if you share a bed with another person and/or a large dog, you might find that you’re bounced around while you sleep.

Sleep Number
If you’ve had your eye on an adjustable air bed, the Sleep Number Queen c2 bed is $200 off its normal price of $900. This is an extremely firm mattress, though its inner air bladders allow you to control that firmness to some extent. It has a thinner top layer than the Sleep Number i8 bed, but that model’s priced $2,000 above the c2, another factor in the c2’s favor.

Have your heart set on a Tempur-Pedic mattress? The company has savings up to $400, listed on its site by model and size. Our tested mattress, the innerspring Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Flex Supreme Breeze, is marked down $300 off the listed price of $3,700.

The bed in a box company WinkBeds is offering $100 off its reasonably priced $1,300 WinkBed Luxury Firm Mattress. The mattress tested well for most side and back sleeper body types, though large and tall back sleepers, those who are above 6 ft 2 inches tall and/or 220 pounds, might not get the best sleep. 

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