If it’s been years since you last shopped for a mattress, another type of mattress might be worth considering—especially if you or your sleep partner wakes up achy each morning. Our recent survey of nearly 62,000 Consumer Reports subscribers yielded some feedback that could sway your bed-buying decision, especially if you're replacing an innerspring mattress.

Despite the rising popularity of online retailers, whose mattresses are typically foam, the largest percentage of subscribers who responded to our survey still own a traditional innerspring (35 percent). Respondents with a foam bed made up 32 percent of our sample, and owners of a hybrid innerspring mattress (with foam layers) and an adjustable-air bed each accounted for 16 percent of subscribers. 

Satisfaction by Mattress Type

In our survey, 80 percent of subscribers with an adjustable-air bed were very or completely satisfied with their mattress, and that group was also the least likely to regret their purchase. Fewer (75 percent) were as satisfied with their foam mattress. For owners of a hybrid innerspring mattress, it was 70 percent. And just 65 percent of owners of a traditional innerspring mattress were very or completely satisfied with their mattress. Those who own a traditional or hybrid innerspring mattress are the most likely to regret having bought those types of mattresses.

Satisfaction among subscribers without any physical conditions that make sleeping difficult followed the same general pattern, with those owning an adjustable-air mattress the most satisfied and those with a traditional innerspring mattress the least; note that the difference between the most and least satisfied was less pronounced.

Best Choice if You Have Trouble Sleeping
But among those who suffer pain or other conditions that make sleep difficult, such as joint problems and chronic back or neck pain, there is a clear difference in satisfaction by mattress-type . Eighty-one percent of those who had adjustable-air beds were very or completely satisfied with the mattress. This compares with 73 percent of subscribers with a foam bed, 65 percent with a hybrid innerspring mattresses, and only 59 percent with a traditional innerspring mattress.

Try Before You Buy
No matter what type of mattress type or model you’re considering, we recommend you try it out by lying down on the bed, if possible, for at least 15 minutes before buying, especially if you’re unfamiliar with a brand or have a sleep condition.

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Tips for Buying a Mattress

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