In recent years it has seemed that no industry is safe from being upended and reimagined by new challengers offering innovative solutions to familiar problems. That's precisely what has happened in the mattress industry, as startups have emerged to challenge the status quo of the walk-in mattress outlet by marketing affordable bed-in-a-box options for customers who would rather shop online than deal with the hassles of an in-store sales pitch.

These upstarts are gaining traction, too. Direct-to-consumer mattress companies have reportedly doubled their market share since 2014, and their annual retail sales have jumped from $852 million two years ago to $1.8 billion today.

At CR, we always have our eyes open for new business models like beds-in-a-box that spring up to challenge sleepy industries. That's why we're peering under the covers to get you the information you need on both new and traditional mattresses so that you can make the right choice and avoid a shopping nightmare.

Our blanket coverage includes ratings of morew than 100 foam, innerspring, and adjustable air mattresses, including dozens of bed-in-a-box options that may help you avoid the headaches and prices of past purchases. We put products through their paces because helping you rest easy, knowing you have the independent knowledge you need to make smart choices, is at the core of our mission at CR—and if you wind up literally resting more easily as a result, we sleep better at night, too. 

Editor's Note: This article also appeared in the March 2018 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.