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    Grocery Stores & Supermarkets (96)

    These ratings are based on CR subscribers' reports of shopping trips to supermarkets, supercenters, and warehouse clubs. The ratings include both regional and national chains.

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    Northeast (34)

    Ratings  are based on 75,065 responses to the Consumer Reports 2018  Supermarkets  Survey. Respondents told us about their experiences at one or two stores between July 2017 and September 2018.

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    South (49)

    The survey reflects 140,106 visits to  supermarkets, supercenters and warehouse clubs. The findings represent the experiences of our readers, not necessarily those of the general population.

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    Midwest (39)

    Stores are ordered based on reader score, which reflects overall satisfaction with the shopping experience and isn't limited to the criteria listed in the table. A score of 100 would mean all respondents were completely satisfied, 80 would mean very satisfied, on average; 60, somewhat satisfied.

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    West (34)

    The rating criteria include scores for: cleanliness, competitive prices, fresh store-prepared foods, staff courtesy, checkout speed, produce quality, produce variety, meats/poultry quality, store brand quality, selection of healthy options, prices of organic options, selection of locally produced products, and variety of international products/multicultural foods.

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    Online Grocery Services (6)

    Our scores for online grocery services were based on hours of delivery, timeliness, updates on food availability and delivery progress, and the cost of delivery, among several other attributes specific to online grocery shopping.

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    All Ratings

    Whether it’s because of more shopping options or lower tolerance for grocery stores that don’t meet their needs, consumers are less loyal to any one particular food retailer than in the past. Instead, they’re cherry-picking to take advantage of vendors’ particular strengths.