Best New Cars Under $30,000

Top performers that cost less than the average new car

Best New Cars Under $30,000 - Chevrolet Cruze

Cars are becoming increasingly expensive to buy and own. The average price of a new vehicle is $35,478, but many top-performing models can be had for far less. 

2019 Autos Spotlight

To assist bargain hunters, we have assembled the best new cars and SUVs under $30,000, based on their Overall Score, factoring road test performance, owner satisfaction, predicted reliability, and safety. Every model listed here meets the stringent requirements to be recommended by Consumer Reports. 

The cars, station wagons, and SUVs below (listed in alphabetical order by class) have all met the stringent performance, reliability, and safety requirements necessary to earn CR’s recommendation. In one case, wagons, there is just a single model from a category that met these tough qualifications. The best in the class is highlighted with a photo and profile.

Click through the model names for road test, reliability, pricing, and much more. 


Best Subcompact Car: Honda Fit