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Who Makes the Most Reliable Cars?

CR ranks the brands and reveals survey results by region

How car brands and regions compare for reliability

The rationale for buying a new car is fairly simple: You get a vehicle that is more dependable than your old car and has the newest technology and advanced safety features. But the results from Consumer Reports’ exclusive Annual Auto Survey again show that this thinking can backfire if shoppers choose the wrong models.

More on Car Reliability

Our newest survey collected data on more than 500,000 vehicles from CR’s members, and from this data, we can let shoppers know which vehicles are likely to have troublesome turbocharged engines, infuriating infotainment systems, and taxing transmissions, among other problems.

The survey reinforces our recommendation that consumers should avoid brand-new or redesigned models and wait a year or two until the automaker has had the chance to work out the kinks and headaches that often arise. Here are how the automakers performed, grouped by their traditional regions. 

The brands are ranked by reliability, starting with the top, within each region.

Click on the model names for specific reliability details, along with complete road tests.

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