Best Laser Printers for Your Home Office

These cost-efficient models outperform inkjet printers on text quality, speed, and reliability

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Consider the humble laser printer. They tend to be bigger than the inkjet models found in more homes, they often cost more upfront, and they don’t do very well with photos. But despite those limitations, lasers have some undeniable advantages, especially when you need a printer for your home office.

Laser printers generally churn out pages of text much faster than inkjets, which is why they’re staples of classrooms and work environments. They also don’t have ink nozzles, which means clogs aren't a problem. And unlike inkjets, which use ink just to keep the nozzles clean, lasers printers don’t waste toner on maintenance.

Monochrome models, which print only in black and white, can be significantly cheaper to operate as well. Below, we have recommendations for both monochrome and color models.

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In our ratings, laser printers do far better in predicted reliability and owner satisfaction than inkjets. If you want a printer that’s likely to keep your home office humming for longer and with fewer hassles, a laser is your best bet.

These models get high scores in Consumer Reports’ labs, and they all have features that make them useful for office work. Each machine works wirelessly; features auto-duplexing, meaning it prints on both sides of a page; is compatible with OCR (optical character recognition) software, useful for making scanned documents editable in a word processor; and accepts heavy paper stock.

And all print out crisp, clean text with exceptional speed.

Here are some of the best laser printers for your home office, with different options to suit various needs.

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