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Best Printers to Buy Right Now

These models stood out in Consumer Reports' testing

Finding the best printer for your purposes can be as tricky as buying a car. Between the countless features and hidden costs, it’s easy to drive off with an ink-guzzling lemon, paying for your indiscretion for years to come with refill fees and heartache.

Laser or inkjet? Regular or all-in-one? Auto-duplexing? These are just a few of the decisions you’ll have to consider. To help you make a more informed choice, here are some of the best printers in Consumer Reports’ ratings. Each model below prints high-quality text and connects to devices such as laptops and smartphones over WiFi.

The 200-plus printers we rate are all evaluated by our testers on almost 250 data points, and each one is bought at retail. To generate an Overall Score, we combine that data with brand reliability and owner satisfaction ratings derived from our member surveys.

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