If speedy, high-quality text is your primary concern and you’re tired of feeding your inkjet printer, consider a black-and-white laser printer.

You may associate laser printers with home offices or small businesses—and high prices—but some black-and-white laser printers are very affordable and can be attractive for everyday use.

With many inkjet printers, you’ll encounter the "out of ink" message more often than you’d like, especially when the color cartridges run dry. Some inkjets guzzle ink like a heavy-duty pickup consumes fuel. And that drives up the overall cost of ownership, as you can see in our printer ratings.

Laser printers, on the other hand, can print a few thousand pages before running out of toner, and the cost per page is usually about 4 cents. 

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We rate a number of color laser printers. But if you want something inexpensive, you'll probably be looking at black-and-white laser printers, like the three listed below, which each cost less than $140 up front.

These printers stay affordable as time goes on because you won't be spending much on toner.

To calculate the overall cost of ownership, Consumer Reports testers combine the initial purchase price with an estimate of the ink or toner supplies needed for two years of regular use. The two-year cost of ownership for these printers—two Samsung Xpress models and a Canon imageCLASS model—ranges from $190 to $240. That beats the cost of ownership for some similarly priced all-in-one color inkjets by more than $100.

Here are the details on how these printers performed:

3 Money-Saving Black and White Printers

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