Pro-Style Range Face-Off: Monogram vs. Viking

Consumer Reports’ cooking, baking, and broiling tests reveal which range has the performance to match its good looks

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Monogram vs Viking range
The Monogram ZGP304NRSS (left) and the Viking VGIC53024BSS pro-style ranges

Viking has been making pro-style ranges for more than 30 years, and in that time, this appliance maker has become one of the most sought-after high-end range brands. Monogram has been making pro-style appliances for about the same amount of time, but it has never had quite the same cachet as Viking, perhaps in part because of its association with the mass-market GE brand.

To find out whether Monogram pro-style ranges are worthy rivals of Viking pro-style ranges, here we pit the Monogram ZGP304NRSS against the Viking VGIC53024BSS. These are both freestanding 30-inch gas ranges with beautiful industrial styling, high-Btu burners, and heavy-gauge construction. Prices are comparable: $4,500 for the Monogram and $4,300 for the Viking.

More on Ranges

But that’s where their similarities end. One of these ranges is the top-rated model in our ratings of pro-style ranges. The other sits only a single spot ahead of the worst range in the category. And that’s saying something.

“As a group, pro-style ranges aren’t always the best performers,” says Tara Casaregola, who oversees range testing for Consumer Reports. “But there are still huge differences between the best and worst models we test.”

Read on to see how the Monogram and Viking match up in each of our tests. You can also learn more about pro-style ranges in our range buying guide, or jump right to our comprehensive ratings of more than 170 ranges.


Monogram ZGP304NRSS: This Monogram pro-style range has four burners and a single oven. Among the burners, one is high-output, with a heat rating of 18,000 Btu, while the other three have a maximum output of 10,000 Btu. The range has continuous grates, so you can easily slide pans between burners, and a convection oven.

Viking VGIC53024BSS: This Viking pro-style range also has four burners and a single oven. All four burners are high-powered, with a rating of 15,000 Btu each. The Viking also has continuous grates across the cooktop and a convection oven.

Test by Test

Here’s how each of the two pro-style ranges performed in our extensive lab tests. CR members with digital access can read on for the blow-by-blow details of how these models perform across our rigorous series of lab tests, for everything from burner performance to baking evenness.

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