Frigidaire FFFC13M4TW freezer

External Dimensions
Height: 33 in. Width: 50 in. Depth: 30 in.


The Frigidaire FFFC13M4TW is part of the Freezer test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Freezer models like the FFFC13M4TW are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Thermostat control: This assesses the ability of the refrigerator's thermostat to 1) achieve the desired initial set temperatures following manufacturer's recommendations 2) achieve optimum temperatures in both the fresh food and freezer sections simultaneously and 3) keep internal temperatures constant despite large changes in room temperature.

Temperature uniformity: This performance test is based on how well a model minimizes warm and cold spots within its fresh food and freezer sections.

Energy efficiency: This reflects electricity consumption (based on our tests) per cubic foot of measured usable storage space. For example, two freezers with the same energy cost per year may have different energy efficiencies -- the unit with more storage space being more efficient.




Exterior Dimensions

height and width dimensions

33 in.  high 50 in.  wide

depth dimensions

30 in.  deep


Controls on front of unit Controls on front of unit Indicates that controls are located on the front of the unit.
Power on light Power on light Indicates that model has light to show the freezer is powered on.
Temperature alarm Temperature alarm The freezer will sound an audible alarm if the temperature rises above a manufacturer's preset temperature.
Compressor run light Compressor run light A light that alerts the consumer when the compressor is running.
Door lock Door lock Has a door lock which allows the user to lock its contents.
Interior light Interior light Has interior light inside the freezer's compartment.
LED interior light/s LED interior light/s Has an LED interior light inside the freezer's compartment.
Tiered bins Tiered bins This feature only applies to chest freezers. It indicates that the model has tiered bins which allow for better organization of the freezer contents.
Compartment dividers Compartment dividers This feature applies to chest freezers only. It indicates that the model has upright plastic dividers that allow the user to compartmentalize their stored items for better organization.
Quick freeze Quick freeze This feature allows users to call for max cooling in the event they have recently stocked the freezer with newly purchased unfrozen items.
Soft freeze compartment Soft freeze compartment A separate section of the freezer, usually enclosed with a door, that allows for the storage of flavored ices and/or ice cream for easier consumption.


Claimed capacity (cu. ft.) Claimed capacity Claimed capacity is the manufacturer's estimate of the volume, in cubic feet, of interior storage space.
Usable capacity (cu. ft.) Usable capacity Usable capacity is the usable storage space based on our measurements, and excludes the corner spaces for models with rotating turntables. Note that most Over-The-Range models allow you to turn the rotation off to fit large dishes (a few countertop models offer this feature, as well.) With the rotation off, measured capacity approximates claimed. However, food may require extra tending and stirring.
HxWxD (in.) HxWxD Height, width, and depth rounded up to the nearest inch.
33 X 50 X 30