Best Cyber Monday Deals on Ranges

Stellar sales on top-performing electric, induction, and gas ranges

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With product shortages and supply-chain difficulties dominating the news cycle this year, it wasn’t clear if we’d see extensive Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on ranges. But since early November, we’ve found quite a few great deals on electric, induction, and gas models, and the deals only got better once we reached Black Friday. Now that Cyber Monday is here, we’re still seeing plenty of great savings on top models, but they may not be available much longer.

We combed through al the Cyber Monday deals from all the major range retailers—including A.J. Madison, Appliances Connection, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowe’s—to find the best prices right now on models that do well in CR’s extensive range tests. All five retailers mentioned above are discounting dozens of ranges. Below are the best of those offers.

Not sure which range fits your cooking style? Consult CR’s range buying guide as you shop. And if you’re looking for the best of the best, see our roundup of the best ranges of 2021.

Electric Ranges

This double-oven electric smoothtop range from GE is a stellar deal—even when it’s full price. It offers two ovens, both with convection, two high-power burners, and a cooktop warming element. It’s also a good performer in our tests. One thing you’ll give up is self-cleaning, so be ready to use a little elbow grease (eventually) to get the cavity clean. 

CR’s test results: GE JBS86SPSS

This single-oven electric range from LG is the rare model that’s on sale despite its everyday price of around $800. A vast majority of deals we’ve found are on ranges costing $1,000 or more. On top of that, it offers strong performance, not to mention a surprising number of features, including stainless steel trim, two high-power burners, and even WiFi connectivity to change the oven temperature or check on the burners using your phone. You don’t get convection for this price or a full-power self-clean cycle, but it’s still a stellar deal. 

CR’s test results: LG LREL6321S

If you need only a single oven, this electric smoothtop slide-in from Samsung delivers everywhere it counts. In addition to a strong performance in CR’s tests, this model has convection, two high-power burners, and a self-cleaning oven. It has an air-fry setting in the oven and even includes a dedicated mesh basket to use with the cycle. Many other ranges with air-fry settings require you to purchase a basket separately. 

CR’s test results: Samsung NE63T8511SS

Gas Ranges

Budget-priced ranges are few and far between these days, and it’s even rarer to find one on sale that performs well in our lab tests. This single-oven gas range from GE checks both boxes and includes essential features like a storage drawer and dedicated burners for high heat and simmering. Unlike some pricier picks, it lacks convection or a self-clean cycle, so you’ll have to clean the oven manually. Take note that in order to see this price from Home Depot, you need to add the range to your cart.

CR’s test results: GE JGBS30REKSS

This double-oven gas range from GE offers lots of bells and whistles at an incredible sale price. In addition to two ovens, both with convection, this model has five burners, continuous cooktop grates, and even a built-in griddle burner, all for about $500 less than you’d typically spend. Take note that in order to see this price from Home Depot, you need to add the range to your cart.

CR’s test results: GE JGBS86SPSS

There’s a lot to like about this single-oven gas range from LG, especially at this price. Aside from strong performance in our tests, it also offers loads of features you rarely find in models costing this little, most notably an air-fry setting in the oven. It has a steam-clean setting for lighter messes and a full-power self-clean cycle for when the cavity gets really grimy.  

CR’s test results: LG LRGL5823S

Induction Ranges

If you want a pro-style look but lack gas service at your house, this LG Studio single-oven induction slide-in is a great option. Induction vastly outperforms gas in CR’s testing, and this model is no exception. It’s from LG’s more premium Studio line, and it’s decked out in features including convection, gliding oven racks on ball bearings, and an astonishing 4,000-watt high-power burner. It carries a large price, but the discount right now is decent.

CR’s test results: LG Studio LSIS3018SS

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