Best Refrigerators for Small Kitchens

Consumer Reports tests a variety of 24- to 28-inch-wide fridges that are perfect for tighter spots

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A person getting vegetables from refrigerator in a small kitchen. Photo: Haier

If you live in a small apartment or condo, the refrigerators you’re most likely to find at the appliance store—ranging from 30 to 36 inches wide—might not fit in your kitchen. Smaller kitchens often call for a narrower fridge, one that is 24 to 28 inches wide.

“These smaller models gained more visibility in retail stores through 2020, likely due to changing consumer preferences from the many millennials entering the appliance market. But most major brands only offer one to three models with limited color options,” says Nish Suvarnakar, Consumer Reports’ market analyst for refrigerators. “Most if not all also lack some of the features that consumers desire the most, such as external water dispensers.” Indeed, it’s rare for a narrow model to carry more than three of the dozen or so features that CR tracks.

Since we first published this list, Consumer Reports has tested new strong-performing models that have shaken up the rankings of narrow refrigerators.

In the lab our technicians outfit each refrigerator with thermocouples in a climate-controlled chamber and monitor it for a month, collecting more than 5.4 million temperature readings that identify warm and cold spots to determine which models will keep your food fresh longer.

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We also factor in survey data from thousands of CR members to judge a refrigerator brand’s reliability and to gauge how satisfied owners are with their fridges. All of that data and more is used to arrive at a model’s Overall Score in our refrigerator ratings.

CR members can read on for our ratings and reviews of the best 24- to 28-inch top- and bottom-freezers, as well as the only narrow French-door fridge we’ve tested. The list includes models from Blomberg, Bosch, Frigidaire, Haier, LG, and Whirlpool. If your kitchen can accommodate a somewhat wider refrigerator, see our guides to the best 30-inch refrigerators and the best 33-inch refrigerators, or check out our full refrigerator ratings. And for more advice on purchasing a refrigerator, see our in-depth refrigerator buying guide.

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