Smart home technology is blurring the line between appliances and electronics. So when something like the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator comes along—a leading-edge fridge with a WiFi-enabled LCD screen, interior cameras, and the ability to order groceries—it can be difficult to know how to size it up. As a four-door refrigerator? As a flat-screen monitor? As a conversation starter? That’s where Consumer Reports comes in.  

Our testers love getting their hands on industry-first products. (We paid $6,000 for the Samsung but the price has since dropped to around $4,000.) In the case of the Samsung Family Hub, our electronics and appliances labs teamed up to evaluate the smart fridge from each of their perspectives. Even better, to really immerse you in our comprehensive testing, we shot the process in 360-degree video, using a special camera system that simultaneously records from every angle. Watch the video above.

How to Watch the Video

On a computer: Change the viewing angle by dragging your mouse in different directions or using the W, A, S, and D letter keys.

On a mobile device: Tilt the device or drag your finger across the screen to change the perspective. Watch this how-to video for more details.

Follow along as our testers meticulously count ice cubes to assess the Family Hub’s ice-making capacity. Watch as we use a water-soaked sponge to measure the refrigerator’s ability to maintain optimal humidity levels. Look around as we demonstrate its ability to mirror what’s playing on a compatible Samsung TV.

After exploring the video, check out the results of our tests of the Samsung Family Hub for full details. The Samsung Family Hub delivered superb temperature control, solid energy efficiency, and exceptionally quiet operation.

We were less impressed by its smart features, as we detailed in this peek inside the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator. Samsung tells us that it has since updated the LCD display, supposedly addressing the issues our tests revealed. We have not tested the new display.

In the meantime, take a virtual tour of Consumer Reports' test track, and stay tuned for more 360-degree videos from Consumer Reports.