Best Spring-Cleaning Deals on Vacuums, Lawn Care Tools, and More

Impressive sales to take advantage of now

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With Memorial Day just around the corner, it's time to get the house and yard ready for summer.

If you're in need of new tools and equipment to get even the dirtiest jobs done, Consumer Reports has been tracking the prices of all the cleaning products we test all season long to help you find the best deals.

Right now we're seeing discounts on the top-rated vacuums, air purifiers, carpet cleaners, string trimmers, and pressure washers you might need. And as we approach Memorial Day, there are bound to be more opportunities to save. So if you don't find what you're looking for, keep an eye out in the next few weeks.

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Vacuums and Robotic Vacuums

Hoover ONEPWR Blade Max Cordless Stick Vacuum

The Hoover Onepwr Blade Max BH53350 has been on sale for around $290 to $300 for a few months now at Amazon and Home Depot. (Other retailers are charging $340 to $350.) The cordless stick vacuum is part of Hoover’s cleaning system, which offers several floor-cleaning products that use interchangeable batteries. Its strengths include cleaning bare floors, removing pet hair, and zipping along the edges of a room leaving nothing behind. It’s not too shabby on cleaning carpet, either. It’s fairly quiet, although some top-rated models are even quieter. And its emissions are clean.

CR’s test results: Hoover Onepwr Blade Max BH53350

Eufy RoboVac 11S Robotic Vacuum

The Eufy RoboVac 11S cleans carpet well in our tests and leaves very little pet hair. It does even better on bare floors. Though it’s not the most efficient cleaner—testers noted that it sometimes scatters debris—it eventually gets the job done, operates quietly, and has a cliff sensor so that it won’t tumble down stairs. This robotic vacuum isn’t WiFi-enabled and can’t be used with a smartphone app.

CR's test results: Eufy RoboVac 11S

Eufy RoboVac G30 Edge

The new RoboVac G30 Edge was on sale for a few weeks for $290, and now the price has dropped another $50. It's marginally better at navigation when compared with the 30C and the 11S Max, though all three models earn high scores in our tests. The G30 Edge isn’t great on carpet, but it does well when it comes to ease of use—another improvement over the other Eufy model on this list. This is a connected model, so you can schedule cleaning cycles from a smartphone.

CR’s test results: Eufy RoboVac G30 Edge Robotic Vacuum

iRobot Roomba e5 Robotic Vacuum

This high-scoring robotic vacuum usually costs $350 to $400 and has been on sale for $300 for the past few weeks. It just dropped an additional $50, making this the best price we've seen in months for this model. The e5 isn’t as “smart” as the top-of-the-line iRobot Roomba i7+, but it performs well cleaning carpet and bare floors. It’s also a champ at navigating a room, then returning to its base for recharging. It has a convenient carrying handle. If you prefer a model with a remote, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

CR’s test results: iRobot Roomba e5 Robotic Vacuum

Samsung POWERbot Robotic Vacuum

This is one of the best robotic vacuums CR has tested, and it’s deeply discounted right now at Samsung. It was $50 less last week, but considering that other retailers are charging nearly $400, this is still a steal. There's a chance it could be even more deeply discounted as we approach Memorial Day weekend.

Samsung's robotic vacuum performs exceptionally well in our bare floor and carpet cleaning tests. You can use the Samsung SmartThings app to schedule cleaning and check the bot’s status. It’s worth noting that in CR’s member survey, Samsung’s robotic vacuums didn't score as high as iRobot or Eufy for reliability.

CR's test results: Samsung POWERbot R7040

Carpet Cleaners

Bissell TurboBrush PowerClean Carpet Cleaner

This carpet cleaner is one of the least expensive options that earned a spot in CR's picks for the best carpet cleaners of 2021. It's fairly light at 12 pounds, comes with separate clean- and dirty-water tanks, and gives you plenty of cord to move around while you clean (20 feet). This model doesn't have a hose, and its cleaning is only so-so, but it was one of the top performers in our dryness tests. If you only have a few spots to work out and don't need a carpet cleaner that digs really deep, this could be the model for you.

CR's test results: Bissell TurboBrush PowerClean 2987 Carpet Cleaner

Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner

This carpet cleaner is already one of the more affordable options out there, typically retailing for $110 to $130, but it's even more budget-friendly at this discounted price. The Hoover carpet cleaner had a strong performance in CR's lab tests. It's lightweight, maxing out at 20 pounds when the tank is full, and is ideal for smaller carpets and area rugs. It doesn't include a hose, so you may have difficulty cleaning tight spaces like stairs.

CR's test results: Hoover PowerDash Pet FH50700

Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

Unlike most other carpet cleaners, the SmartWash Automatic is motion-activated. You push it forward and backward, and the carpet cleaner dispenses cleaning solution when moving forward and sucks it up when moving backward. There are three tanks: one for detergent, one for clean water, and one for dirty water, which means you don’t have to mix up solution each time you refill the tank.

CR's test results: Hoover SmartWash Automatic FH52001

Steam Mops

Shark Genius Steam Mop

In CR's tests, this Shark steam mop was superior in producing steam. It comes with two mop heads and a "no touch" feature so that you don't have to handle the dirty mop when you make the switch. Its cord, which is 23 feet, is shorter than those on other models we tested, and there's no indicator light to tell you when the mop is ready to use or out of water.

CR's test results: Shark Genius Steam Pocket S5003D Steam Mop


Frigidaire Small-Capacity Dehumidifier

The Frigidaire FFAD2233W1 can remove 22 pints of water from the air per day, and the tank holds 12 pints, almost twice the amount of most we tested in this category. It gets the job done, but the humidistat is the least accurate of the small-capacity models we tested. This is a basic model and doesn't have an auto-restart feature or a clean-filter alert.

CR's test results: Frigidaire FFAD2233W1 Dehumidifier

Honeywell Large-Capacity Dehumidifier

For a large, wet space, buy the largest capacity dehumidifier you can afford. This one can pull 70 pints of water from the air per day. It performed well in our noise tests. It’s about as loud as a normal conversation, earning it a spot among the quietest dehumidifiers we've tested. Features include a timer, a clean-filter alert, and auto-restart, which comes in handy when there’s a power outage or brownout.

CR's test results: Honeywell TP70WKN Dehumidifier

MIDEA Medium-Capacity Dehumidifier

Medium-capacity dehumidifiers are meant for a midsized or large room that’s somewhat damp but not wet. They can remove up to 50 pints of water from the air per day. The Midea MAD35C1ZWS is one of the quietest medium-capacity dehumidifiers CR has tested. A timer, a clean-filter alert, and auto-restart are part of the package. It had been hovering around $200 for a few weeks, but now there's an on-page coupon for $35 that discounts it even more.

CR's test results: Midea MAD35C1ZWS Dehumidifier

Lawn Mowers

Hart Battery-Powered Mower

Though this isn't the best lawn mower CR has tested, it's still a formidable machine. It scores especially well for handling and mulching, as well as noise levels up close and at a distance. It even does well with cutting evenness. When it comes to how far it discharges clippings and bagging, the Hart mower gets middling scores in CR's tests. The test where it really falls short is in charge time, but this may not be a concern for a smaller property.

CR's test results: Hart HLPM011 Battery Mower

Sun Joe Battery Mower

Another battery mower on the lower end of the price scale, this model from Sun Joe has similar scores to the Hart mower above. It has a slightly better charging time but performs slightly worse for mulching, cutting evenness, run time, bagging, and noise at operator distance. It was recently on sale in a few places, but only P.C. Richard still has a discount, and it's actually $30 lower than it was a few weeks ago.

CR's test results: Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LM Battery Mower

Leaf Blowers

Ego Battery-Powered Handheld Leaf Blower

This battery-powered leaf blower earns high scores in CR's tests, and our survey found that CR members who own it are highly satisfied. It makes quick work of removing leaves, cut grass, and other debris. It's also easy to handle and quiet enough that you can use it without hearing protection.

CR's test results: Ego LB5302

Worx Corded Electric Leaf Blower

This lightweight 12-amp electric leaf blower isn't quite as discounted as it was in April, but the regular list price is already pretty reasonable, so saving a few extra dollars is just icing on the cake. It excels at sweeping leaves in CR's tests, and it does a fine job at loosening embedded leaves and debris. It's corded, so you may need to attach it to an extension cord if you have a larger property. But you won't have to worry about refilling gas or recharging batteries to get the job done. There’s no vacuum function, but it's relatively quiet and affordable, making it an option worth considering.

CR's test results: Worx WG520 Leaf Blower

String Trimmers

Snapper Battery String Trimmer

Originally retailing for $300, this string trimmer scores high across the board in CR’s tests. It provides a clean trim in one pass, thanks to a dual cutting string setup, and it’s quieter than most other models.

CR’s test results: Snapper XD 1687875

Pressure Washers

Greenworks Light-Duty Electric Pressure Washer

The Greenworks GPW2700 is a powerful but pricey option that leads the category of light-duty electric pressure washers. It cleans well and is easy to use, according to CR's tests. It’s also sold without a zero-degree nozzle, making it a safer choice than models that include that tip. Our testers especially like that the hose and power cord wrap around built-in reels, so it’s easy to store when you’re done working.

CR's test results: Greenworks GPW2700

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