Easy Bedding Storage Ideas

Keep sheets and blankets wrinkle-free and smelling fresh

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Do you find yourself doing a frustrating dance of corner-to-corner folding and flattening whenever you pull clean sheets out of the dryer? Do those sheets then end up in a jumbled pile in the back of your closet?

There’s a better way.

“When your bedding is tossed all over the place and there’s no rhyme or reason, you’re going to find yourself getting frustrated and spending valuable time looking for the right size bedding that you need,” says Jamie Hord, founder of Horderly Professional Organizing in Brooklyn, N.Y.

To make it easier to stay organized, here’s how to fold and store your bedding so that everything stays neat and fresh.

Invest in a blanket bag or basket. If you don’t have a linen closet with shelves, get a blanket bag or large basket. You’ll find both at Amazon.com or the Container Store. Don’t go for vacuum-sealed bags, though, because they can actually make it hard to stay organized. “Vacuum bags make wonky shapes when the air is taken out, making them hard to store,” says Kelly Beutler, a professional organizer and owner of The Joyful Sort in Columbus, Ohio. You can also opt for a woven basket with handles to easily move bedding from one room to another.

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Fold like a pro. The quickest way to neatly fold fitted sheets: Tuck the elastic corners into themselves before folding. Lay fitted sheets out on any flat, clean surface before folding, so it’s easier to see the fabric and fold it properly.

For storing, always group linens from a matching set together—flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcases. “This way it’s super-easy to grab a new set when you’re changing out your bedding,” Hord says.

“If you’ve got a bulky quilt or blanket, try rolling it and tying it with a ribbon and then stack it with other rolled blankets,” Beutler says.

Keep it smelling sweet. To get your sheets clean and crisp, always spot-treat any stains. And don’t let them linger too long post-cycle; that allows creases to set in.

After you’ve washed, folded, and placed your sheets in the bag, add your favorite scent. “Cleaning before storing and adding a cedar and/or lavender sachets into the storage bag can keep things smelling fresh,” Beutler says. Same goes for your linen closet.

Allow for easy access. The key to staying organized is to keep your bedding all in one place that’s easy to reach. So place your storage bag or basket on the floor in your closet so that you can easily pull it out. Or try under your bed or in a storage ottoman. If you have a linen closet, place your most used items at eye level and bulkier blankets and pillows up top.

Last, but definitely not least, periodically weed out your old bedding. “People have way too much,” Beutler says. “Linens just kind of accumulate because there’s a fear of not having something when you need it. The next thing you know, you have five sets of sheets.” Beutler recommends paring down your sheet sets to only one or two per bed, max. When they become stained, their elastic wears out, they have holes or tears, or they’ve shrunk too much, throw them out (or donate them to an animal shelter that accepts bedding). “If you’d be horrified to have a guest see your sheets, throw them away,” Beutler says.

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