Best Cordless Electric Snow Blowers

Check out these impressive battery-powered models from CR’s tests

One of the cordless electric snow blowers from Consumer Reports' tests

Over the five-plus years Consumer Reports has been testing cordless electric snow blowers, only one model ever scored high enough for us to recommend it. That changed this year. 

“Cordless electric snow blowers are really nipping at the heels of comparably sized gas models, and they offer advantages that gas snow blowers can’t match,” says Dave Trezza, CR’s test engineer in charge of snow blowers.

Chief among those advantages is that cordless electric snow blowers don’t need gasoline or oil, or engine maintenance. They also start instantly with the push of a button, and tend to run much quieter than gas models. They’re lighter and easier to handle, too.

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But cordless electric snow blowers aren’t for everyone. They come only in a single-stage configuration as opposed to more powerful two- or three-stage versions. And electric models can plow 6 to 9 inches of snow per pass, while some of the bigger gas snow blowers can handle 18-inch-deep snow in one pass. Cordless models are also pricier than single-stage gas snow blowers with comparable performance. Those we recommend cost $600 to $800; for $450, you can get a great single-stage gas model from our tests

To test snow blowers, we use sawdust saturated with water to mimic snow. That gives us a consistent substance to plow for judging each snow blower. We simulate a standard snowfall as well as a mound of snow like the ones the town plows leave at the foot of your driveway.

Here you'll find the best cordless electric snow blowers from our ratings. For more information on snow blowers of all types, see our snow blower buying guide. CR members can turn to our complete snow blower ratings, which include more than 60 models in five configurations, to see how various models perform in our tests.

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Best Cordless Electric Snow Blowers

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