Best Snow Blowers at Menards

The midwestern home center offers stellar deals on top models

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Person creating a path through snow using a snowblower Photo: Lisa Kyle Young/Getty Images

For much of the Midwest, a snow blower is essential. Menards is the go-to store for much of the region, with more than 300 locations, most of which stock dozens of snow blowers each season. The chain has developed a reputation for offering excellent prices on top-performing models. One way they do that? By offering some smaller versions of the beefiest blowers.

Only one model at Menards costs more than $1,000. But they aren’t all winners. We’ve got dozens of models in our snow blower ratings, a number of which can be found at Menards, but only a small handful are worth your money. To find the very best, our test engineers work through the year to put snow blowers in six configurations through their paces, even when there’s no snow on the ground.

More on Snow Blowers

To test snow blowers, we turn the scene outside our Yonkers, N.Y., headquarters into a virtual blizzard. Most years, our testers throw more than 1 million cubic inches of saturated sawdust—CR’s proprietary blend of fake snow—on the ground and use it to identify the best new models that can clear a driveway as well as a plow pile. Our sawdust blend gives us a consistent substance to plow in order to judge each snow blower.

CR members can read on for ratings and reviews of the top-rated models carried by Menards or check our complete snow blower ratings, which include more than 70 gas-, battery-, and electric-powered models. For more information on all types of snow blowers, see our snow blower buying guide.

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