Most and Least Reliable Snow Blower Brands

CR steers you toward brands with a solid track record to avoid a flurry of repairs

A person using a snow blower in very heavy snow

If your lawn mower dies, it's an inconvenience. If your snow blower conks out, you could end up stranded after a winter storm.

And not all snow blowers are built to last. For our most recent snow blower reliability survey, we asked CR members about their experiences with more than 24,000 gas snow blowers and more than 2,400 electric and battery blowers. The results inform our predicted reliability and owner satisfaction scores, which factor into our snow blower ratings.

"One of the most impressive findings of our survey was just how different the life span of snow blowers can be," says Simon Slater, CR's associate director of survey research. "Some tools don't even make it to five years, while others last longer than 20 years."

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We determine a snow blower's predicted reliability rating by asking CR members whether the one they bought developed problems or broke within the first five years for gas models or within the first four years for electric and battery models. Then we use that data to make projections about how new models from a given brand will hold up over time. Some brands have a much higher problem rate than others.

We also ask members how likely they are to recommend their snow blower, and that serves as the basis for our owner satisfaction rating.

To find a reliable blower, start with our snow blower buying guide to zero in on features and options that matter to you. Next, turn to our snow blower ratings for the complete picture. 

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Most Reliable Snow Blower Brands

We have reliability ratings for 14 major manufacturers of gas snow blowers: Ariens, Briggs & Stratton, Craftsman, Cub Cadet, Honda, Husqvarna, MTD Pro, Poulan Pro, Power Smart, Simplicity, Sno-Tek, Toro, Troy-Bilt, and Yard Machines. 

We also have reliability ratings for four major manufacturers of corded electric and battery-powered snow blowers: Ego, GreenWorks, Snow Joe, and Toro.

CR members with digital access can read on for some of the most important findings from our survey, along with recommendations for high-performing gas, electric, and battery-powered snow blowers from brands that rate well for reliability.

Most Reliable Three-Stage Gas Snow Blower Brands

All three brands of three-stage snow blowers in our survey—Craftsman, Cub Cadet, and Troy-Bilt—earn a rating of Good for predicted reliability. Of those, Cub Cadet and Troy-Bilt each earn a rating of Excellent for owner satisfaction, and Craftsman earns a rating of Good. 

This Cub Cadet three-stage snow blower, exclusive to Home Depot, ties for the top spot in our ratings. It has plenty of power, heated handgrips, and a built-in headlight for clearing snow at night. 

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