Most and Least Satisfying SUVs

Find out what Consumer Reports' members say about their compact, midsized, and large haulers

2022 Ford Bronco Sport
Ford Bronco Sport
Photo: Ford

Knowing how much you might like—or even love—your next SUV would be a pretty valuable insight as you go about researching the purchase. But it’s a challenge to find a vehicle to test-drive—let alone buy—because of the global chip shortage. So how will you know if you like something without driving it extensively?

To help with that problem, Consumer Reports asks members each year about their car purchases. They provide great insights by answering one question: If you had it to do all over again, would you definitely buy or lease the same model?

Combined with CR’s test and reliability ratings, our owner satisfaction ratings give you valuable guidance when you’re shopping for a vehicle. (Detailed information is available on our car model pages.)

More on Satisfaction & Reliability

Below, we’ve ranked the most and least satisfying SUVs by their overall satisfaction rating, which is based on our latest survey. We also noted how those top-scorers performed in five categories: styling, driving experience, comfort, value, and in-car electronics ease of use.

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