Most Fuel-Efficient Used Three-Row SUVs

Consumer Reports tested the gas mileage of these affordable used SUVs to find the most efficient family haulers

The interior of a three-row SUV

If you need to carry more than five passengers, a three-row SUV is a good option. But newer models can be pricey, and midsized SUVs rarely match the fuel efficiency of a smaller vehicle.


That’s why CR put together this list of used three-row SUVs with the best overall fuel economy, from luxury models to efficient hybrids. And because it’s based on CR’s own real-world fuel economy tests, it’s a list you can trust.

We also took into account our exclusive road tests, plus our reliability and owner satisfaction survey data that you can’t find anywhere else—all so you can find the right affordable, used three-row SUV with the features you want and impressive gas mileage. 

Learn more about how CR measures fuel economy.

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2015 Toyota Highlander

Price Range: $16,900 - $24,550

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