SUVs and Minivans With the Best Third-Row Seats

These models offer comfort and access for seven passengers or more

2016 GMC Yukon interior seating Photo: GMC

Large three-row vehicles offer the flexibility to transport the whole family—and then some. But just because an SUV or minivan has a third row doesn’t necessarily mean those extra seats are comfortable or practical.

Our testing shows that many third rows are hard to access and too snug for most adult passengers. In fact, even some vehicles with a high Overall Score have third rows that are best suited for kids.

If you’re buying a vehicle specifically for its third row, here’s our advice:

Consider a minivan. They’re designed to maximize passenger space (which is why they top this list) and have significantly better fuel economy than most three-row SUVs.
Test drive with the family. If possible, have the people who might be using the third row get in and out of the car to find out what it’s like.
Plan for the future. Even if your kids and their friends fit comfortably in the third row now they might outgrow it, especially if you plan to keep the vehicle for a long time.
Check our reviews for car-seat fit. Some third rows make it harder to install car seats than others, and a few two-row vehicles can fit three car seats safely across the back seat.


This list relies on our own expert evaluations of third rows for ease of access and passenger comfort. We’ve also included our exclusive owner satisfaction and reliability survey data along with information about safety and fuel economy so that you can make the smartest choice for your needs. Note that the best models are listed in order of most- to least-roomy third-row seat and that not every vehicle is recommended.

Some of these models have our Green Choice designation, which highlights the vehicles with the cleanest emissions.

Our list of vehicles with the most generous third-row seats includes the Jeep Wagoneer, Kia Carnival, and Toyota Sienna.

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