Toyota showcased its latest SUV design at the LA Auto Show, called Future Toyota Adventure Concept, or FT-AC. The focus of recent Toyota concept cars suggests that the red-hot SUV market might be primed for smaller footprint vehicles, and it underscores the automakers’ interest in filling that need.

The FT-AC certainly looks tough enough for off-road excursions, with removable fog lights at the ready to be used as portable lights or strapped onto a mountain bike. The concept car also comes with twin hooks for vehicle recovery, skid plates, and short front and rear overhangs. Beefy fender flares house chunky 20-inch wheels and all-terrain tires, which, according to Toyota, complement the FT-AC’s “generous ground clearance.”

It’s fairly clear that the company is targeting younger buyers—the concept car is fitted with embedded cameras in the side mirrors, which helps all the Red Bull warriors record all the trouble they get into off road. An integrated WiFi hotspot allows adventurers to upload the footage so they can become instant YouTube stars. 

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The FT-AC also comes with a cargo roof rack system and a retractable integrated bike rack.

The concept FT-AC was shown with an all-wheel-drive system that features variable terrain-response settings and four-wheel locking functionality that is supposed to manage the traction control and throttle response to improve your chances of scrambling out of a muddy bog.

Toyota teased that the FT-AC can be had with a hybrid powerplant—technology that the company does quite well—suggesting an earth-friendly, off-road-capable SUV is possible.

Overlooking the fact that the company insisted on relying on the most overused words in automotive PR by describing the FT-AC as being ideal “for living an active lifestyle,” Toyota’s latest concept builds on its last effort, the FT-4X, shown at the New York Auto Show earlier this year.

Whether or not this is a shrink-wrapped version of the 4Runner or Toyota’s attempt to build a Subaru Crosstrek or even Jeep Wrangler alternative, it’s clear that Toyota’s creative team has aspirations of dirt under their fingernails. 

Toyota FTAC Concept rear